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Interstate 89

Interstate 89 North
Interstate 89 Exit 10, Vermont Route 100 near Stowe (home of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream). Take about a 5 minute drive north of the exit to the Ice Cream Factory, for a plain vanilla milkshake as Alex did in 1996. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Exit 22 (Last exit on I-89 north) signage as seen from the southbound side. Photo taken 07/23/00.
End Interstate 89 at Quebec Border. Interstate 89 connects with Quebec Route 133, which leads to Autoroute 31 and Montreal. This is the view from the U.S. 7 overpass, where U.S. 7 turns around for the terminus with Exit 22. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 89 South
Interstate 89 at Exit 19, U.S. 7 and Vermont Routes 36 and 104. This is a major entrance to St. Albans, a large town located on U.S. 7 between Burlington and the Canadian International Border. In our opinion, this route should be part of a Business Loop I-89 through St. Albans, which would facilitate traffic flow from the Interstate to the city center. Photo taken 07/95.
South Interstate 89 Vermont Shield. The dimensions of the sign are 18 by 18 inches, which is derived from defunct 1958 specs of the MUTCD. Sign located just south of the St. Albans Access Road interchange (Exit 19). Photo taken 07/23/00.
This sign shows the exit signage from Interstate 89 - Exit 16 to U.S. 2 and 7 and Vermont Route 15 near Burlington. As the case with Exit 13, there is no exit tab. Photo taken 07/23/00.
South Interstate 89 Vermont Shield. This one located between the interchanges for U.S. 2 and Interstate 189. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Southbound Interstate 89 exit to Interstate 189 westbound to U.S. 7 (Exit 13). Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 89 Exit 12, Vermont Route 2A to U.S. 2. Vermont, like many other New England states, uses suffixed state routes as auxiliaries to major routes. In this case, Vermont Route 2A is numbered as part of U.S. 2. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 89 Exit 11, U.S. 2 to Vermont Route 117. The exit sign for U.S. 2 is interesting also because of the Vermont Route 117 is signed here with the new green shield. More signs with this style of green shield are appearing throughout the state, while the older circle and square shields are being phased out. Future sign replacement projects will see more green shields statewide. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 89 Exit 11, U.S. 2 to Vermont Route 117. U.S. 2 intersects Interstate 89 frequently between Burlington and Montpelier, most of which have interchanges. Interestingly, U.S. 2 is so close to Interstate 89 that it serves as a frontage road. Had this arrangement been in the state of California, U.S. 2 would be either decommissioned or cosigned with Interstate 89, as the state would not maintain the frontage road as an independent state route. But this is not California, it's Vermont, and the fact that U.S. 2 can survive on its own through the rural parts of Vermont helps give the state its charm.
Vermont 117 turns northwestward from I-89 to Essex Junction. Among this trek, is the southern terminus (complete with a stub end) of the defunct I-289 (Vermont 289) freeway. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 89 at Exit 9, U.S. 2 to Vermont Route 100B. Vermont Route 100B is a derivative of Vermont Route 100, the famed scenic highway that cuts north-south across the beautiful central part of the state. Vermont Route 100B spurs from Vermont 100 west of Moretown to U.S. 2 and the interchange with I-89 at Middlesex. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 89 at Exit 8, U.S. 2 to Vermont Route 12 at Montpelier. Nestled along the winding Winooski River, the capital city of Vermont, Montpelier, is among the most beautiful capital cities in the country. It certainly is nicer than places like Trenton, New Jersey, or Sacramento, California. The small town charm of this capital makes it unlike most other state capitals in terms of traffic, pollution, and scenic beauty. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Southbound Interstate 89 at Junction Vermont Route 107 near Bethel (Exit 3). This interchange also links to Rutland and U.S. 4 to the southwest via Vermont 100. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Southbound Interstate 89 (Exit 1) at Junction U.S. 4. We took this exit to visit White River Junction. The exit to Interstate 91 is unnumbered. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Scenes Pertaining to Interstate 89
Interstate 89 shield on U.S. 2 eastbound at the Lake Champlain Islands interchange (Exit 17). Photo taken 07/23/00.

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