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Interstate 91

Interstate 91 North
Interstate 91 at Junction U.S. 2 and Vermont Route 15, at Exit 21. This sign is non reflective with button copy numbering. Yet the Vermont 15 shield has been overlayed with a reflectorized current Vermont shield. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 91 South
Southbound Interstate 91 approaching Interstate 93 south (before Exit 20). It seems like Boston would be a neat control city in addition to Littleton as the destination city on this sign. Sign has button copy lettering. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Button copy sign for Exit 19 posted just after Exit 20 on southbound. Standard Vermont signing practices indicate the distance to the next interchange on the mainline Interstate. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Southbound Interstate 91 at Junction southbound Interstate 93. You can see the stack interchange in the background; the next photo shows it more clearly. An New England based signage practice exists with the underlining of the cardinal direction for Interstate 93. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 91 southbound transition onto southbound Interstate 93 (Exit 19). This marks the northern terminus of Interstate 93. This trilevel stack is very similar to the trilevel stack at the northern terminus of Interstate 25 in Buffalo, Wyoming. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Southbound Interstate 91 at Junction Interstate 89. Here is an example of a directional based suffix for the exit number (10N). Most states have dropped this system for designating multiple ramps associated with one interchange. Photo taken 07/24/00.
Scenes Pertaining to Interstate 91
Southbound U.S. 5 approaching junction Interstate 91 to Interstate 89 in White River Junction (Exit 11). Notice the older U.S. 5 shield and button copy text on the sign. Photo taken 07/234/00.

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