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Interstate 93

Interstate 93 North
Northbound Interstate 93 approaching Franconia Notch Parkway (U.S. 3). Photo taken 07/23/00.
Northbound Interstate 93 approaching Franconia Notch Parkway (U.S. 3). For the duration of the Franconia Notch Parkway, the freeway narrows to two lanes and loses its Interstate-standard construction, with narrower shoulders. The freeway is a Super Two, with no intersections and brown guide signs. As such, the parkway carries its own set of exit numbers and is not considered part of Interstate 93. For route continuity, Interstate 93 shields are placed alongside the dominant U.S. 3 marker for the length of the parkway. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Northbound Franconia Notch Parkway scene. Although not visible in these scenes, the Franconia Notch is famous for the "Old Man of the Mountain," a rock formation that resembled a man's visage, with sharp, chiseled features including a pronounced chin atop Cannon Mountain. Motorists passing through would need to stop at one of the turnouts and use binoculars to clearly see the features of the Old Man. Sadly, in the early morning hours of May 3, 2003, the rock formation collapsed, despite years of tending to the fragile rock formation. The cause of the collapse may be attributed to age, but it has not yet been definitively determined. The old man's face is present everywhere in New Hampshire, including the state highway signs and the recently minted state quarter. As a result, some are already considering how to reconstruct the old man's visage from the rocks that remain. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Northbound Interstate 93 at Exit 35, U.S. 3 North. U.S. 3 finally parts ways from Interstate 93 and begins its northeasterly journey into the remote stretches of northern New Hampshire, passing through Twin Mountain, Whitefield, Lancaster, Stratford, and Colebrook en route to Connecticut Lakes. U.S. 3 enters Quebec at a remote point within the Connecticut Lakes State Forest, where it transitions into Quebec Provincial Route 257. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 93 at Exit 36, New Hampshire 141. New Hampshire 141 leads to northbound U.S. 3, and southbound Interstate 93 travelers are directed to take Exit 36 because there is no connection from southbound Interstate 93 to northbound U.S. 3 at Exit 35. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Northbound Interstate 93 at Exit 38 has four different state routes mentioned: New Hampshire 18, 116, 117, and 142. There are not many states that would show four route shields on one sign such as this to avoid motorist confusion. New Hampshire 18 parallels Interstate 93 through Littleton and Franconia. New Hampshire 116 leads southwest toward Easton and Haverhill before merging with New Hampshire 18 en route to Littleton. New Hampshire 117 leads due west into Franconia, then past Sugar Hill to its western terminus at Junction U.S. 302 near Lisbon. New Hampshire 142 leads northeast to Bethlehem and Whitefield, meeting New Hampshire 116 again along the way. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 93 South
Interstate 93 at Junction U.S. 302 and New Hampshire Route 10 at Exit 42, Littleton. The routing of U.S. 302 through Littleton would make a logical business loop for Interstate 93. U.S. 302 leads southwest from here toward Woodsville, where it crosses the Connecticut River. The highway then treks due west into Vermont to its western terminus at its Junction with U.S. 2 in Montpelier, that state's capital. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Exit 41 from southbound Interstate 93 near Littleton for U.S. 302 and New Hampshire Routes 18 and 116. U.S. 302 intertwines with Interstate 93 around Littleton, before departing eastward to the scenic Crawford Notch and into Maine. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 93 Shield, with the beautiful White Mountains in the background. The freeway is about to enter regionally famous Franconia Notch, home to the two-lane Franconia Notch Parkway. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Franconia Notch Parkway southbound approaching stone-fašade overpass and ski area at New Hampshire 18. The ski area is very popular in the winter and is one of many recreational opportunities at Franconia Notch. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Southbound Franconia Notch Parkway. There was a time when plans called for a full Interstate-standard freeway to be constructed through Franconia Notch, but a compromise solution was reached. The road would remain access controlled, but would only have two lanes with occasional passing lanes. This has lessened the impact of the highway passing through this scenic and historical area. The fact that the freeway is not up to full Interstate standards is why the parkway is not technically part of Interstate 93; instead, the parkway connects two segments of Interstate 93. Photo taken 07/23/00.

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