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Interstate 95 New Hampshire Turnpike - North

Interstate 95 North
Northbound reassurance marker posted on the six-mile stretch between Exits 2 (junction New Hampshire 101) and 3. The New Hampshire Turnpike mainline toll plaza resides just south of Exit 2. Motorists entering the toll road from New Hampshire pay half the toll of those on the freeway mainline. Photo taken 06/27/05.
New Hampshire provides state sanctioned liquor stores and lottery ticket sales at a number of stores throughout the Granite State. One such facility resides along the southbound mainline between Exits 2 and 1. For northbound motorists, the nearest such store is at Portsmouth Plaza, accessible from Exit 6. Photo taken 06/27/05.
New Hampshire 33 (Greenland Road) crosses paths with Interstate 95 at the Exit 3 partial-cloverleaf interchange outside of Portsmouth at Pease International Tradeport, home of Portsmouth International Airport (PSM), Photo taken 06/27/05.
Large diagrammatical signs advise motorists of the Exit 4 high-speed ramps to U.S. 4 west & New Hampshire 16 (Spaulding Turnpike) to Durham, Dover, Somersworth, and Rochester. New Hampshire 16 provides a gateway to the White Mountains and New Hampshire Lakes region of the upstate. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Exit 3 departs Interstate 95 northbound onto New Hampshire 33 (Greenland Road). New Hampshire 33 travels west from U.S. 1 in Portsmouth five miles to Greenland and Stratham (junction New Hampshire 106). Photo taken 06/27/05.
Four lanes of Interstate 95 northbound press toward the Exit 4 split with the Spaulding Turnpike northbound for U.S. 4 west & New Hampshire 16 north. The Spaulding Turnpike comprises a varying freeway and toll road between Interstate 95 & U.S. 1 at Portsmouth to Rochester. U.S. 4 follows the free portion of the highway between Portsmouth and Durham; New Hampshire 16 follows the remainder of the Spaulding Turnpike solo to Rochester. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Interstate 95 northbound narrows to two lanes as it passes through the Exit 4-5 interchange complex. U.S. 4 begins nearby at a roundabout (Portsmouth Circle) with U.S. 1 Bypass at Meadowbrook. The federal highway travels overall between Portsmouth and the Albany, New York area. New Hampshire 16 also ends at the roundabout. Interstate 95 motorists may use Exit 5 to access U.S. 1 Bypass. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Northbound at the roadway split between Exit 4 (Spaulding Turnpike) and Interstate 95 to Kittery, Maine. U.S. 4 & New Hampshire 1 travel six miles to their split near Newington and the Strafford County line. U.S. 4 turns west from there four miles to Durham and 34 miles to Interstate 393 near Concord. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Exit 5 diverges from the Interstate 95 mainline into Portsmouth Circle at junction U.S. 1 Bypass, U.S. 4 west, and New Hampshire 16 north. U.S. 1 Bypass circumvents downtown Portsmouth through the Meadowbrook and Portsmouth Plains vicinity. The federal highway parallels Interstate 95 northward across its own bridge over the Piscataqua River into Oak Terrace, Maine. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Exit 6 follows quickly in its departure of Interstate 95 northbound after the U.S. 4 & New Hampshire 16 under crossing. The ramp joins Woodbury Avenue between its folded diamond interchange with U.S. 1 Bypass nearby and Edmond Avenue. Woodbury Avenue travels north-south from the Fox Run Mall area of north Portsmouth to U.S. 1 Bypass and Bartlett Street. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Market Street splits from Woodbury Avenue north of Interstate 95 as a multi-lane divided surface arterial southward into the Portsmouth central business district. Exit 7 joins the arterial with the freeway via a diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Tourist and other interests to the New Hampshire Port Authority and downtown area attractions should use Market Street south to junction U.S. 1 (Daniel & State Streets). Photo taken 06/27/05.
Interstate 95 passes over Maplewood Avenue ahead of the Exit 7 ramp departure to Market Street. Maplewood Avenue provides a secondary route to Market Street between the commercial north side and downtown Portsmouth. Market Street meanwhile passes by nearby Albacore Park en route to U.S. 1 south (Daniel Street). Photo taken 06/27/05.
Interstate 95 sails over the Piscataqua River into the Kittery, Maine vicinity. The first interchange lies at the north end of the bridge descent with Dennett Road. Dennett Road travels north from Maine 103 (Eliot Road) to Exit 1 of Interstate 95 and State Road to South Eliot. Maine 103 meanwhile parallels the river northwest toward South Eliot and Eliot. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Eight lanes of travel span the Piscataqua Bridge between Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine. The steel truss arch span opened in 1972 to replace the parallel U.S. 1 Bypass lift bridge, the span Interstate 95 used until the current bridge opened to traffic.1 Photos taken 06/27/05.
Interstate 95 enters Maine at mid-span on the Piscataqua Bridge. Initially the highway is toll-free, but Interstate 95 enters the tolled Maine Turnpike beyond Exit 3. Photo taken 06/27/05.

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