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Interstate 95 South - N.H. to Peabody

Interstate 95 south
One mile north of the first Massachusetts interchange (Exit 60) on Interstate 95 south within Exit 1 at New Hampshire 107 (New Zealand Road). Massachusetts 286 continues New Hampshire 286 west along Pike and Main Streets in the Town of Salisbury. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Nearing the Massachusetts state line and Exit 60 partial "Y" interchange with Massachusetts 286 (Main Street). Massachusetts 286 travels east of Interstate 95 along Main Street to junction U.S. 1 (Lafayette Road) via Pike Street. The state highway becomes New Hampshire 286 en route to Seabrook Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Exit 60 also serves the Massachusetts Welcome Center along Interstate 95 south. The ramp to Massachusetts 286 circumvents the rest area before joining Toll Road south of its intersection with Massachusetts 286 (Main Street). Toll Road continues south from Main Street directly onto U.S. 1 (Lafayette Road) to the Salisbury town center. Photo taken 06/28/05.
A glancing look at the Exit 60 partition into ramps for the Welcome Center and Toll Road south to Massachusetts 268 (Main Street) and junction U.S. 1 (Lafayette Road). Main Street west of the freeway continues to Congress and Monroe Streets for Amesbury. Photo taken 06/28/05.
A look at the Massachusetts welcome sign posted adjacent to the tourist information center and rest area at Exit 60. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Drivers departing the rest area are provided with the option to return to Interstate 95 or join Exit 60 for Toll Road south to Massachusetts 268 (Main Street). Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 quickly encounters the split with Interstate 495 south at Exit 59. Interstate 495 entails the outer Boston bypass between Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Westborough (junction Interstate 90), and Mansfield (junction Interstate 95 again). Photo taken 06/28/05.
A two-lane off-ramp departs Interstate 95 south for Interstate 495's southbound beginning. Interstate 495 travels 11 miles west to Haverhill and 16 miles to junction Massachusetts 213 at Methuen. The freeway provides the most direct route to Interstate 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) west to Worcester, Springfield, and Albany, New York at Exit 22. Photo taken 06/28/05.
An auxiliary overhead touts the connections with Haverhill (Exits 52, 51, 50, and 49) and Lowell (Exits 38, 37, 36, 35). Interstates 95 and 495 travel through the Essex National Heritage Area here. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Southbound at the partition between Interstate 495 (Exit 59) and Interstate 95. Interstate 495 heads two miles west to Amesbury on the 121.56-mile path to Wareham near Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod. Interstate 90 lies 62 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 06/28/05.
A rather large southbound reassurance marker resides along the freeway beyond the split with Interstate 495. Exit 59 represents a partial "Y" interchange between the two freeways. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Massachusetts 110 (Elm Street) intersects Interstate 95 just south of Interstate 495 along the Amesbury and Salisbury Town lines. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Massachusetts 110 (Elm Street) provides a second opportunity to access Interstate 495 south in lieu of Exit 59. The state highway splits with Elm Street for Macy Street to junction Interstate 495 south and Massachusetts 150 (Hillside Avenue). Elm Street veers northwest to the Amesbury town center. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Exit 58 comprises a five-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange between Interstate 95 and Massachusetts 110 (Elm Street). Massachusetts 110 travels west along Interstate 495 from Amesbury to Merrimac and Haverhill. Eastward, the state highway travels to the Salisbury Town center, ending there at junction U.S. 1 (Bridge Road) near Massachusetts 1A (Beach Road). Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 spans the Merrimack River over the John G. Whittier Bridge. The arch-truss bridge travels 1,346 feet across the river below. Built in the 1950s as part of a relocated U.S. 1, the bridge and associated freeway became part of Interstate 95 in 1956.1 Photos taken 06/28/05.
Next in line for southbound travelers is junction Massachusetts 113 (Storey Avenue) within the City of Newburyport. Massachusetts 113 follows High Street and Storey Avenue west from Massachusetts 1A (High Street) at the Winter and Summer Street connectors to U.S. 1. Photo taken 06/28/05.
One quarter mile north of the Exit 57 diamond interchange with Massachusetts 113 (Storey Avenue). Storey Avenue east serves interests to the Newburyport Historic Seaport, Custom House, and Maritime Museum among other Newburyport points of interest. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 southbound at the Exit 57 ramp departure to Massachusetts 113 (Storey Avenue). Massachusetts 113 east to Massachusetts 1A south leads to Newbury and Newburyport Airport. Storey Avenue west ventures five miles to West Newbury as Main Street. Photo taken 06/28/05.
The next two interchanges serve the Town of Newbury on Interstate 95 south. The majority of Newbury lies east of Interstate 95 along U.S. 1 and Massachusetts 1A between Byfield and the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Scotland Road meanders southwest from Newburyport to Interstate 95 Exit 56 at Turkey Hill Road and South Street. South Street leads into Byfield while nearby Indian Hill Road travels west to West Newbury. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Exit 56 consists of a diamond interchange between Interstate 95 and Scotland Road. Byfield lies two miles to the south of Exit 56 via South and Main Streets in western Newbury. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 southbound at the Exit 56 ramp departure to Scotland Road. Scotland Road south to Indian Hill Street west and other roads lead four miles to junction Massachusetts 113 (Main Street) at West Newbury. Scotland Road east heads to Downfall Wildlife Management Area and Parker Street at Newburyport. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Southbound Interstate 95 reassurance marker posted after the Exit 56 on-ramp from Scotland Road. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Approaching the Central Street diamond interchange at Byfield in western Newbury on Interstate 95 south. Central Street provides an east-west connection to Main Street in Byfield and Orchard Street east to Downfall Wildlife Management Area and central Newbury. Photo taken 06/28/05.
One half mile north of the Exit 55 off-ramp to Central Street. Central Street travels 1.75 miles southeast to its end at Elm Street in rural south Newbury. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Drivers bound for Central Street and Byfield leave Interstate 95 south via the Exit 55 off-ramp. Central Street ends at Main Street just west of the freeway. Main Street south becomes North Street en route to Georgetown. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 enters the Town of Georgetown ahead of Exit 54 (junction Massachusetts 133). Georgetown lies at the cross roads of Massachusetts 97 (Central Street) and Massachusetts 133 (Main Street). Photo taken 06/28/05.
Massachusetts 133 (Main Street) ventures two miles southeast from the Georgetown town center to meet Interstate 95 at the Exit 54 partial-cloverleaf interchange. The state highway continues east three miles to junction U.S. 1 (Newburyport Turnpike) and five miles to junction Massachusetts 1A at Rowley. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Southbound at the Exit 54 off-ramp to Massachusetts 133 (Main Street). Massachusetts 133 west leads all the way to North Andover and Lowell while eastward it merges with Massachusetts 1A from Rowley to Ipswich. The state highway continues east from Ipswich five miles to Essex. Photo taken 06/28/05.
A truck weigh station lies one mile south of Massachusetts 133 (Exit 54) along Interstate 95 on both carriageways. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 crosses the Boxford Town line ahead of the junction with Massachusetts 97 (Killam Hill Road). The next three interchanges serve Topsfield along Interstate 95 south. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Southbound reassurance marker placed at the truck weigh station near the Georgetown and Boxford town line. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Massachusetts 97 (Killam Hill Road) heads south from Central Street and Georgetown to meet Interstate 95 at the Exit 53 six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange. The state highway proceed southeast from Exit 53 three miles to the Topsfield town center, serving the Topsfield Fairgrounds. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Massachusetts 97 (Killam Hill Road) journeys three miles north to junction Massachusetts 133 at the Georgetown town center. The state highway continues from there through Haverhill to Salem, New Hampshire. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Continuing south, Interstate 95 next sees an interchange with Topsfield Road at Exit 52. Topsfield Road travels northwest to Boxford and east to Washington Street and Topsfield. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 consists of an eight lane freeway through Topsfield, despite the rather rural nature of the area. Topsfield centers itself around the Massachusetts 97 and U.S. 1 cross roads east of the freeway. Topsfield Road transitions into Boxford Road and Washington Street en route to junction Massachusetts 97 (Main Street). Photo taken 06/28/05.
Exit 52 leaves Interstate 95 southbound for Topsfield Road. Topsfield Road journeys northwest 1.2 miles to its end at Elm and Main Streets at the Boxford town center. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Endicott Road stems southwest from Topsfield to intersect Interstate 95 at the Exit 51 diamond interchange in south Boxford. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Southbound on the approach to the Exit 51 off-ramp to Endicott Road. Endicott Road travels north as Washington Street in Topsfield and south as East Street within the Town of Middleton. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 south at Exit 51. Endicott Road and East Street proceed 2.4 miles southwest to junction Massachusetts 62 (Maple Street). Massachusetts 62 ventures west 1.25 miles to junction Massachusetts 114 (Main Street) at the Middleton town center. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 makes its way to the U.S. 1 corridor at Danvers between Exits 51 and 50. The freeway and parallel federal highway continue south from there to Massachusetts 128, the belt line freeway of metro Boston. Signs posted along Interstate 95 advise motorists to remain on the freeway for Massachusetts 128 in lieu of parallel U.S. 1 south through Danvers and Peabody. Photo taken 06/28/05.
U.S. 1 (Newbury Street) meets Interstate 95 at a roundabout diamond interchange (Exit 50) in northwest Danvers. The federal highway enters the scene via Boston Street and Topsfield. Massachusetts 62 (Maple Street) sees a full-cloverleaf interchange with the U.S. 1 expressway south of Exit 50. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interests to Massachusetts 114 (Andover Street) should use parallel U.S. 1 (Newbury Street) south in lieu of Interstate 95 since there is no direct access from the freeway to Andover Street. Massachusetts 114 travels three miles south from the Middleton town center to Interstate 95 at Exit 47 (northbound only). The state highway continues two miles southeast into Peabody. Photo taken 06/28/05.
U.S. 1 follows an older expressway alignment constructed before Interstate 95 through west Danvers and west Peabody. The highway once carried Interstate 95 in a temporary fashion between Massachusetts 128 (Exit 44) and Exit 50. Construction of the parallel Interstate 95 between Exits 50 and 46 occurred between 1969 and 1975.1 Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 southbound at the Exit 50 off-ramp to U.S. 1 (Newbury Street). U.S. 1 interchanges with Massachusetts 62 (Maple Street) and Massachusetts 114 (Andover Street) within the next 2.5 miles. Massachusetts 62 travels east-west between Beverly, Danvers, and Middleton locally. Massachusetts 114 travels southeast from Peabody to Salem and Marblehead. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Exit 48 represents a southbound only set of ramps between Interstate 95 and Centre Street at Danvers. Centre Street interchanges with U.S. 1 (Newbury Street) at Armory Road nearby. Photo taken 06/28/05.
The southbound off-ramp ties into the U.S. 1 northbound loop ramp to Centre Street. Centre Street travels between Armory Road at U.S. 1 to Collins and Hobart Streets in the city of Danvers. Hobart Street leads eastward to downtown. Photo taken 06/28/05.
An advance sign gives notice to vehicles carrying hazardous cargo to remain on Interstate 95 south in lieu of the Interstate 93 Big Dig tunnels through downtown Boston. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Motorists bound for Danvers via Centre Street or Dayton Street north to Middleton depart Interstate 95 south at Exit 48. The loop ramps from Armory Road to U.S. 1 tie into the expressway midway between junctions Massachusetts 62 and 114. Photo taken 06/28/05.
The next southbound departure point exists at the Exit 46 partial "Y" interchange with the connector to U.S. 1 at Peabody. U.S. 1 was the main road north from Massachusetts 128 (Yankee Division Highway) to Interstate 95 north at Exit 46 from 1975 to 1988. The link between 1975-completed Interstate 95 (Exit 46 northward) and the Yankee Division Highway was designed in 1984 to reflect the 1972 cancellation of the Northeast Expressway alignment of Interstate 95 through Lynn. Construction took four years and included realignment of Massachusetts 128.1 Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 south continues with three lanes directly onto Massachusetts 128 west. Exit 46 provides a two-ramp connector onto U.S. 1 south for the commercial strip through Winona Street to Broadway in Lynnfield. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 kinks southeast toward central Peabody for its merge onto Massachusetts 128 (Yankee Division Highway) west to Waltham. U.S. 1 continues southward to Saugus, Malden, and Boston. A second opportunity for southbound drivers exists to U.S. 1 via Exit 44 from Massachusetts 128 west too. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Southbound at the Interstate 95 Exit 46 split to U.S. 1 (Newbury Street) south. U.S. 1 ventures eight miles south to the Northeast Expressway at Revere and 13.5 miles to the Charlestown section of Boston. Interstate 95 next meets U.S. 1 at the Exit interchange with Interstate 93 and the departure from the Yankee Division Highway. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 southbound on the 1.5-mile segment completed in 1988 between Exit 46 and 45. Photo taken 06/28/05.
A wide directional interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 95 and Massachusetts 128 at Exit 45. Massachusetts 128 (Yankee Division Highway), or the Circumferential Highway, constitutes a belt line freeway through the outer suburbs of Boston. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Massachusetts 128 overlaps with Interstate 95 from Interstate 93 & U.S. 1 (Exit 12) northward to Exit 45 at Peabody. The freeway spurs east from Peabody through Danvers to Beverly all the way to Gloucester on the Atlantic Ocean. Exit numbers count downward to 9 as one heads east. Exits 8 through 1 were planned for an unconstructed extension of Massachusetts 128 north to Pigeon Cove.2 Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 95 southbound maintains three through lanes onto the Circumferential Highway west at Exit 45. A two-lane off-ramp joins Massachusetts 128 east ahead of Exits 28, 26, and 25 for Peabody. The state highway travels 18 miles east from Interstate 95 to Gloucester and 20 miles to its end at junction Massachusetts 127 south of Rockport. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Forest Street passes over Interstate 95 at its split with Exit 45 and westward turn to Lynnfield, Wakefield, and Waltham. Drivers using Exit 45 to Massachusetts 128 east merge onto a c/d roadway for Exit 28 (Centennial Drive) before joining the freeway mainline ahead of Exit 26 (Lowell Street). Photo taken 06/28/05.


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