Colorado 67

Colorado 67 is split into four sections that generally follow the same north-south corridor but are separated by segments of locally maintained roadway. The southern section (segment #1) connects Colorado 96 at Wetmore with U.S. 50 at Florence. A connection between segment #1 and segment #2 is afforded by Fremont County Route 67 and Teller County Route 86 (Phantom Canyon Road). The middle section (segment #2) begins at the intersection of Victor Avenue and Fourth Street in Victor and extends north to U.S. 24 at Deckers. The first northern section (segment #3) begins at U.S. 24 in Woodland Park and extends north to Deckers, where Jefferson County Route 126 and Douglas County Route 67 intersect. After a locally maintained section (known as Douglas County Route 67) between Deckers and Rampart Ridge Road, Colorado 67 resumes again (as part of the second northern section or segment #4) en route to its final northern terminus at U.S. 85 in Sedalia.

Douglas County Route 67 - North
We begin our journey on northbound Douglas County Route 67, an unpaved road that connects Deckers with Trumbull, Oxyoke, and Sprucewood. Here, the county road approaches Sprucewood, a small enclave of homes within the national forest. Photo taken 11/13/05.
A culvert allows water to pass under the unpaved roadway near Sprucewood. To the west, views of Noddle Heads and Bear Mountain are afforded from the county road. Photo taken 11/13/05.

Now entering Sprucewood, Douglas County Route 67 becomes a paved road as the rural road merges with Douglas County Route 40 en route to Sedalia. Photo taken 11/13/05.
At the merge with Douglas County Route 40 is this mileage sign on the east side of Douglas County Route 67 in Sprucewood. It is 13 miles from here to the town of Sedalia and the junction with U.S. 85. Photo taken 11/13/05.
The county route continues north through Sprucewood and approaches the settlement of Moonridge. Photo taken 11/13/05.
While most of the property within Pike National Forest is federally owned, private property ownerships exist within the forest. These properties were often owned by homesteaders before the federal government established the national forest. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Northbound Douglas County Route 67 approaches Rampart Range Road. Designated as Forest Service Road 300, Rampart Range Road travels south along the Rampart Range, offering a paved route past Devil's Head and then south into El Paso County, where it meets U.S. 24 in Manitou Springs just west of Colorado Springs. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Colorado 67 - North
After the Rampart Range Road intersection, Douglas County Route 67 ends and Colorado 67 begins. A state-maintained mileage sign provides the distance to Sedalia (10 miles) and Denver (33 miles). Photo taken 11/13/05.
Even the state highway has limited sight distance and shoulders as illustrated by this photo. Colorado 67 turns east after Rampart Range Road to serve Sedalia. Photo taken 11/13/05.
The Great Plains of Colorado come into view as Colorado 67 travels east along Jarre Canyon Road toward Sedalia. Photos taken 11/13/05.
This is the first reassurance shield for Colorado 67 after Rampart Range Road, but it is on the downgrade from the Rampart Range to Oak Valley. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Northbound Colorado 67 reaches Oak Valley Road at the bottom of the Rampart Range grade. Oak Valley Road travels south Pine Cliff Road. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Passing through rolling hills, large estates and ranch homes dominate the rural landscape as Colorado 67 travels northeast toward Sedalia. Photo taken 11/13/05.
The mileposts along Colorado 67 increase as motorists travel northbound. This milepost (Mile 124) counts the distance from the southern terminus of Colorado 67 in Wetmore. Photo taken 11/13/05.
The next major intersection along northbound Colorado 67 is Rainbow Creek Road. This rural road travels northwest parallel to Rainbow Creek, providing local access (but no access for through traffic). Photo taken 11/13/05.
Northbound Colorado 67 approaches Colorado 105. Colorado 105 travels south along Perry Park Road, parallel to West Plum Creek en route to Palmer Lake and Monument, where the highway meets Interstate 25. Sections of the route (between Wolfensberger Road in the north and the Douglas-El Paso County Line in the south) are locally maintained as Douglas County Route 105. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Prior to the intersection between Colorado 67 north and Colorado 105 south, Colorado 67 crosses the West Plum Creek. At the intersection, Colorado 105 traffic must stop, while Colorado 67 may continue without stopping. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Immediately after the Colorado 105 intersection, Colorado 67 crosses the East Plum Creek. Sedalia comes into view in the distance. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Sedalia is a rural community located along U.S. 85 northwest of Castle Rock. The main commercial area is located along Colorado 67 and Douglas County Route 18 (Business U.S. 85). Photo taken 11/13/05.
Colorado 67 crosses the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad at this crossing in Sedalia. A second crossing of this major railroad corridor lies ahead, just prior to the U.S. 85 junction. Photos taken 11/13/05.
This is the second railroad crossing along northbound Colorado 67 in Sedalia. Northbound Colorado 67 approaches its northern terminus at the junction with U.S. 85. Photo taken 11/13/05.
At this traffic signal, U.S. 85 comes to an end. Turn left to follow U.S. 85 north to Denver and right to follow U.S. 85 south to Castle Rock and points south via Interstate 25 and U.S. 85-87 (Colorado Springs). Photo taken 11/13/05.
Colorado 67 - South
Upon leaving Sedalia after the dual railroad crossings and U.S. 85 intersection, this mileage sign provides the distance to Deckers (28 miles) and West Creek (37 miles) via Colorado 67 southbound. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Continuing southwest, Colorado 67 approaches the junction with Colorado 105, Perry Park Road. Follow Perry Park Road south to Palmer Lake and Monument in El Paso County. The state highway extends from here south to Wolfensberger Road, then shifts to local control from that point south to the Douglas-El Paso County Line. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Southbound Colorado 67 reaches the intersection with Colorado 105, Perry Park Road. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Another mileage sign is posted after the Colorado 105 intersection. This sign again provides the distance to Deckers (now 27 miles) and Woodland Park (50 miles). Both of these destinations are reached via locally maintained dirt roads, as Colorado 67 shifts to local control after crossing Rampart Range Road. Photo taken 11/13/05.
The Rampart Range rises in the distance as Colorado 67 travels west toward the mountains. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Rock formations such as this one are occasionally found along Colorado 67. Photo taken 11/13/05.
As Colorado 67 ascends toward the Rampart Range, the roadway narrows as the shoulders and white line striping are eliminated. Photo taken 11/13/05.
The state highway follows some brief switchbacks on the journey to the top of Rampart Range. Photos taken 11/13/05.
Southbound Colorado 67 reaches Rampart Range Road, which is also known as Forest Service Road 300. This major north-south scenic route travels south past Devil's Head National Recreation Trail toward Manitou Springs and U.S. 24. Photo taken 11/13/05.
At the Rampart Range Road intersection, an END Colorado 67 shield is posted. The quality of the highway decreases somewhat from a state highway to a county maintained highway. The pavement will remain for a short distance longer. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Douglas County Route 67 - South
A typical green Douglas County Route 67 shield is posted after the Rampart Range Road intersection. Douglas County uses green rather than blue pentagons to sign its county routes. Photo taken 11/13/05.
Continuing southwest past Moonridge, Douglas County Route 67 enters the settlement of Sprucewood. The pavement ends in Sprucewood. Photo taken 11/13/05.
At the fork in the road, turn left (south) to follow Douglas County Route 67 to Deckers and turn right (west) to follow Douglas County Route 40 to Nighthawk and Twin Cedars. Photo taken 11/13/05.
The dirt road that carries Douglas County Route 67 south of Sprucewood climbs up, providing views of the distant Noddle Heads and valley below. The highway sometimes narrows a bit, but it generally provides sufficient sight distance. Photo taken 11/13/05.

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