Summerlin Parkway

The Summerlin Parkway was constructed by a developer to connect its new community in the west valley with downtown and the Las Vegas Strip. Since it was privately constructed, it is not part of the state highway system. Its ultimate western terminus is at the Las Vegas Beltway (Clark County Route 215).

Summerlin Parkway East
Descending from the Anasazi Drive future on-ramp along the Summerlin Parkway east. The ramps for the Anasazi Drive diamond interchange act as the Summerlin Parkway mainline at present. Construction of the Summerlin Parkway mainline and Anasazi Drive overpass have yet to begin. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Summerlin Parkway passes under Crestdale Lane one quarter mile west of the Town Center Drive diamond interchange. Town Center Drive meanders south from Village Center Circle to Nevada 159 (Charleston Boulevard). Photo taken 10/19/04.
Summerlin Parkway continues east one half mile between Town Center Drive and Rampart Boulevard. The four-lane freeway curves southeast and flattens out ahead of the partial-cloverleaf interchange with Rampart Boulevard. Rampart Boulevard straddles the east edge of Summerlin between Canyon Run Drive and Vegas Drive. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Continuing eastward to the Rampart Boulevard partial-cloverleaf interchange. This mileage sign indicates that the off-ramp is still one half mile away. Rainbow Boulevard is displayed in place of U.S. 95 for the Summerlin Parkway eastern terminus. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Eastbound at the Rampart Boulevard off-ramp. Ramport Boulevard heads 1.6 miles north to Lake Mead Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue in three miles. Rampart Boulevard extends southward as Fort Apache Road 3.4 miles to Desert Inn Road. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Buffalo Drive crosses paths with Summerlin Parkway at a partial-cloverleaf interchange midway between Rampart Boulevard and the freeway end at junction U.S. 95 & Nevada 595 (Rainbow Road). Buffalo Drive travels north-south between Tropicana Avenue and Washburn Road. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Eastbound Summerlin Parkway approaching Junction U.S. 95. Until 2005, there was no direct connection from Summerlin Parkway to Northbound U.S. 95; that movement was accomplished by using the exit onto Rainbow Boulevard (Nevada 595) northbound for its ramp onto U.S. 95. However a new flyover ramp was completed by August 2005 to provide that movement. The sign bridge pictured here was removed by 2004. Photo taken 11/12/00.

A reconstruction project was underway involving the interchange between Summerlin Parkway and U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Expressway). Note the xeriscape (drought-resistant landscape in the desert) used for the land around this interchange for the purpose of water conservation and to demonstrate the stark beauty of the desert in an urban area. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A $42 million reconstruction project of the Summerlin Parkway / Rainbow Boulevard Interchange with U.S. 95 (Las Vegas Expressway) was completed in August of 2005. Two things were accomplished by this project. One, the missing movement between Summerlin Parkway to U.S. 95 northbound was created. Two, congestion issues were addressed by improving or relocating existing ramps all while accommodating a future ten-laning of U.S. 95 (four all purpose lanes and two HOV lanes). Photo taken 10/19/04.
Summerlin Parkway ends at the U.S. 95 (Las Vegas Expressway) "Rainbow Curve". The Rainbow Curve represents the location where Nevada 595 (Rainbow Road) passes over U.S. 95 at Exit 81. Pictured here is Summerlin Parkway eastbound on the approach to U.S. 95 southbound for downtown Las Vegas. The high flyover above carries U.S. 95 northbound motorists onto Summerlin Parkway west. See US 95 Current Projects - 2C & 2D for more information on the recently completed interchange upgrade. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Summerlin Parkway West
Summerlin Parkway westbound on the approach to Buffalo Drive Buffalo Drive. Buffalo Drive comprises a north-south arterial between Sahara Avenue (Nevada 589) and Gowan Road. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Westbound at the Buffalo Drive partial-cloverleaf interchange. Buffalo Drive heads north 1.1 miles to Lake Mead Boulevard and 2.7 miles to Cheyenne Avenue. The arterial continues south 1.5 miles to junction Nevada 159 (Charleston Boulevard) and 2.5 miles to junction Nevada 589 (Sahara Avenue). Photo taken 10/19/04.
An upcoming exits sign lists the final three off-ramps of Summerlin Parkway westbound. The next three interchanges (Rampart Boulevard, Town Center Drive, and Anasazi Drive) serve the community of Summerlin. Buffalo Drive passes over the four-lane freeway ahead. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A partial-cloverleaf interchange joins Rampart Boulevard with Summerlin Parkway. Rampart Boulevard meanders northward from Nevada 159 (Charleston Boulevard) at Fort Apache Road 4.3 miles to the intersection of Cheyenne Road and Durango Drive. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Similar to a subdivision entrance, an entry monumentation sign and landscape for Summerlin lie west of the Rampart Boulevard on-ramp. Designed by the Howard Hughes Corporation, Summerlin constitutes a 22,500 acre master planned community including homes, offices, industry, and retail. Construction of Summerlin began in 1990 and by 2005 91,000 residents called it home. Expansion of the community will continue until 2020 with an estimated population increase to 180,000. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A smaller upcoming exits sign is the first to announce the premature end of the Summerlin Parkway. The four-lane freeway ends at the Anasazi Drive half-diamond interchange in 1.25 miles. The four-lane freeway curves northwest between the TPC Canyons and TPC Summerlin Golf Courses on the one quarter mile approach to Town Center Drive. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Summerlin Parkway west at the Town Center Drive diamond interchange. Town Center Drive, as the name implies, cuts a swath through Summerlin between the Siena Golf Club and Village Center Circle. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Westbound Summerlin Parkway overlooking the recently developed land at the western end of the Las Vegas Valley. Most of these homes were not present as recently as 1999. The Howard Hughes Corporation built the parkway to ensure freeway access for the new residents of this area. Notice the growth in vegetation between the two photos. Photos taken 11/12/00 & 10/19/04.
Crestdale Lane passes over the Summerlin Parkway ahead of the freeway ending at Anasazi Drive. The Spring Mountains dominate the western horizon. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Another upcoming exits sign features just the distance to Anasazi Drive and the freeway end. Anasazi Drive arcs northwest 1.5 miles from Town Center Drive to Summerlin Parkway and from here 0.75 miles to Sun City and Lake Mead Boulevards. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Summerlin Parkway partitions into the ramps to Anasazi Drive. The right-of-way for the western extension remains unconstructed through the future diamond interchange. Photos taken 10/19/04.
Temporary end of Westbound Summerlin Parkway at Anasazi Drive. Summerlin Parkway was extended between 2000 and 2004 to connect with the new Clark County 215 Las Vegas Beltway. As evidenced by these photos, the frontage roadway has already been completed. The frontage road acts as a temporary Summerlin Parkway from this point west until the permanent freeway is constructed. Photos taken 11/12/00 & 10/19/04.

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