California 266

California 266 is a relatively short route that begins and ends at the Nevada state line (Esmeralda County) within the Fish Lake Valley. It starts at the western terminus of Nevada 266 and ends at the southern terminus of Nevada 264. The only junction within California is with California 168, which leads east toward the Owens River Valley (including the towns of Big Pine and Bishop) and U.S. 395. This is arguably one of the more isolated state routes in the state system.

California 266 north
Begin Northbound California 266 at the Nevada state line, the western terminus of Nevada 266. The White Mountains loom large in the background, and California 168 (the only connection to the rest of California) traverses them en route to the Owens River Valley. Photo taken 01/19/02.
Shortly thereafter is the welcome sign along westbound Nevada 266 as it transitions onto northbound California 266 at Milepost 0.00 at the Esmeralda-Mono County Line. Photo taken 01/19/02.
This is the first reassurance shield along California 266 north after the Nevada state line. Photo taken 01/19/02.
Vast, desolate desert spreads in all direction as California 266 does not pass through any towns or significant settlements for its entire length. Photo taken 01/19/02.

Traveling north, California 266 approaches California 168 at Fish Lake Junction. Photo taken 01/19/02.
The junction between California 266 and California 168 is located just ahead, at the green signs. The trees on the right line the highway through the vicinity of Fish Lake Junction. Photo taken 01/19/02.
California 266 north meets California 168 at this intersection. California 168 crosses scenic Gilbert Summit (el. 6,374 feet) and Westgard Pass (el. 7,271 feet) before descending into Big Pine, where it meets U.S. 395 south of Bishop. Photo taken 01/19/02.
This mileage sign on California 266 north provides the distance to Dyer, Nevada, and the junction with U.S. 6 in Nevada. This sign is located just north of the California 168 junction. Photo taken 01/19/02.
Continuing north, California 266 ends at the Nevada state line. From here, Nevada 264 continues north through the Fish Lake Valley through Dyer, the lone settlement within the Nevada portion of this desert valley. The highway continues north to meet U.S. 6 east of Montgomery Pass near the Esmeralda-Mineral County Line. Photo taken 01/19/02.
California 266 south
Southbound California 266 signage for the junction with California 168. As seen here, traffic may take California 168 westbound to reach Big Pine and U.S. 395 or continue south (and then east) to join U.S. 95 in Nevada. Note the small "F.A.S." sign in front of the large green sign. This indicator marks the right-of-way for the federal-aid secondary highway system. Photo taken 01/19/02.
Crossing into Nevada, California 266 ends and Nevada 266 continues back to U.S. 95 via Lida Summit and Lida Junction. Photo taken 01/19/02.

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