Arizona 210 is Aviation Parkway, which connects downtown Tucson at Broadway Boulevard with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base at Golf Links Road.

Arizona 210 was added to the state highway system in 1983, and opened in 1998 after many years of construction delays. The road was extremely controversial, leading to additions and deletions of the link between Interstate 10 and Broadway Blvd.

The original plans were for Arizona 210 to connect to Interstate 10 in downtown Tucson as a freeway. These plans were abandoned by ADOT in 2001, and the City of Tucson is tasked to construct the remainder of Barraza-Aviation Parkway between Interstate 10 and Broadway Blvd. Plans have moved slowly on the final link, but the current plan received unanimous approval by the Tucson City Council on July 8, 2008.

Arizona 210 is named for Maclovo Barraza, who was a union leader in the Copper mines around Tucson. The eastern portion from Kino Parkway replaced the Aviation Highway which paralleled the railroad tracks.

Arizona State Route 210 East
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
SR 210 does not connect directly to any other state highway. This series of photos follows the approach to SR 210 from eastbound Broadway Blvd as it approaches its complicated intersection with SR 210 and Broadway Boulevard. 05/24/03
First shield along eastbound SR 210 after it begins at the intersection of Congress Street and Broadway Boulevard. 07/26/08
The first exit along eastbound SR 210 is Kino Parkway. Notably, this is Exit 3, since the first several miles west of here have not yet been constructed (since exit numbers increase from west to east). 07/26/08
Distance sign along eastbound SR 210 approaching Kino Parkway, 22nd Street and Country Club Road. For the time being, SR 210 takes on the attributes of a regular urban freeway. 07/26/08
Eastbound SR 210 at Exit 3, Kino Parkway. Kino Parkway is notable for being the proposed route of now-defunct Interstate 710 freeway. Interstate 710 was to begin at Interstate 10 at the Kino Parkway/Tucson-Benson Highway interchange (Exit 262) and continue north past Aviation Parkway (SR 210) to Broadway Boulevard and possibly Speedway Boulevard. The freeway was never constructed, and Kino Parkway exists as a multi-lane divided parkway in its place. 07/26/08
Eastbound SR 210 approaching Exit 4A, 22nd Street, one half mile, under the shadow of the Kino Parkway overcrossing. 07/26/08
The signage along eastbound SR 210 ceases to be freeway-standard, as the exit to 22nd Street is actually a partial traffic signal. 07/26/08
22nd Street passes over the top of SR 210 on the overpass visible ahead, and a traffic signal controls traffic connections between the two roads. 07/26/08
Eastbound SR 210 approaching Exit 4A, 22nd Street, next left (at the traffic signal). This interchange could be upgraded to allow for a regular freeway interchange, but it would be tight since the railroad is located to the south of Arizona 210 here. 07/26/08
Just past 22nd Street, we find advance signage for "exit" 4B, Country Club Road. 07/26/08
The next "exit" along eastbound SR 210 is Exit 4B, Country Club Road. 07/26/08
Another traffic signal controls traffic at this intersection between SR 210 and Country Club Road. 05/24/03
Reassurance shield along eastbound SR 210 after Country Club Road. 07/26/08
Eastbound SR 210 approaching "Exit" 4C, 34th Street, next left. The lights make for a smoother drive along eastbound than along westbound Arizona 210. 07/26/08
Reassurance shield along eastbound SR 210 after the 34th Street traffic signal. 07/26/08
2 photos
2 photos
The next "exit" along eastbound SR 210 is Exit 5, Palo Verde Road/Golf Links Road. 07/26/08, 05/24/03
Eastbound SR 210 at Exit 5. The left lanes lead to Golf Links Road, while the right lanes exit to Alvernon Way. This marks the eastern terminus of SR 210; there is no end shield assembly present. 07/26/08
Underpass on the ramp leading from eastbound to Golf Links Road. 05/24/03
The Air Force Base sits on the land behind the transition ramp from SR 210 to Golf Links Road. The actual merge onto Golf Links Road is just ahead. 05/24/03
Arizona State Route 210 West
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
This series of photographs shows the beginning interchange of Barraza-Aviation Parkway from Golf Links Road. This interchange was built with the extension of Golf Links road in the early 1980s by the City of Tucson. 07/26/08
This ramp marks where SR 210 begins. In the background is the decorated Alvernon Way bridge. 07/26/08
"Exit" 4C serves 34th Street. Westbound traffic has several traffic lights impeding the flow of traffic. 07/26/08
Reassurance marker for SR 210 Westbound. 07/26/08
Turn right for Country Club Road, "Exit" 4B. 07/26/08
SR 210 is on a narrow right of way between Golf Links Road and Kino Parkway. 07/26/08
Advance signage for Exit 4, 22nd Street, 1/2 mile. 07/26/08
Distance sign to 22nd Street East, Kino Parkway and Broadway Blvd. 07/26/08
Exit 4 is a loop exit to 22nd Street eastbound. 07/26/08
This signal is for 22nd Street traffic from Eastbound SR 210. 07/26/08
Just after 22nd street, the access controlled section of SR 210 begins with advance signage for Exit 3, Kino Parkway, 1/4 mile. 07/26/08
The right lane becomes an exit only lane for Kino Parkway. 07/26/08
Kino Parkway departs from SR 210 just up ahead, at Exit 3. 07/26/08
This is the final reassurance marker along Arizona 210 westbound. 07/26/08
The last exit along Westbound SR 210 is Broadway Blvd, 1/4 mile. All traffic exits here. 07/26/08
SR 210 ends here, on the ramp to Broadway Blvd. 07/26/08

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    05/24/03 by AARoads. 07/26/08 by Kevin Trinkle.

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