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Florida State Road 160 constitutes an 0.11 mile route west from U.S. 319 (Capital Circle NE) to SR 61 (Thomasville Road) and CR 0352 (Timberlane Road) in Tallahassee. SR 160, along with SR 162 (Raymond Diehl Road), provides connectivity between the two arterial routes and their respective ramps with Interstate 10.

Florida State Road 160 West
Killearn Center Boulevard weaves westward between a number of apartment complexes, offices and retail to become a part of SR 160 west of U.S. 319 (Capital Circle NE). 05/12/15
A confirming marker for SR 160 stands just beyond the flyover taking U.S. 319 south from Thomasville Road (SR 61) onto Capital Circle NE. 05/14/14
An I-10 trailblazer precedes the intersection with SR 61 (Thomasville Road) on SR 160 by the entrance to Carriage Gate Shopping Center. 05/14/14
SR 61 (Thomasville Road) enters the interchange with I-10 to the immediate south. A direct ramp links with the freeway westbound, while SR 162 connects with I-10 east toward Jacksonville. CR 0352 extends Timberlane Road 1.67 miles west to CR 155 (N Meridian Road). 05/14/14

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Connect with:
U.S. 319
State Road 61

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