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The Rolla Business Loop of I-44 follows 2.42 miles of Historic U.S. 66 along Kingshighway east from Exit 184 to Bishop Avenue north around central Rolla and through the campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology. U.S. 63 and Missouri 72 join the route along Bishop Avenue to the east end at Exit 186.

The diamond interchange at the west end of Business Loop I-44 was reconstructed to include roundabouts at the ramp ends by December 2011. This includes a tie in with Martin Springs Drive, the south side frontage road to I-44.

U.S. 63 south
U.S. 63 south reaches the community of Northwye just outside the Rolla city limits. 05/04/12
Southbound traffic along U.S. 63 enters the city of Rolla at the intersection with County Road 2000 east, the historic alignment of U.S. 66. 05/04/12
U.S. 63 overtakes Historic U.S. 66 south from County Road 2000 along Bishop Avenue. 05/04/12
Approaching the diamond interchange with Interstate 44 on U.S. 63 (Bishop Avenue) south. The junction represents the east end of Business Loop I-44 through Rolla and the western terminus of Missouri 72. 05/04/12
U.S. 63 reduces to a single through lane at Walnut Street beyond the eastbound on-ramp for Interstate 44. Business Loop I-44 joins Bishop Avenue from the forthcoming westbound off-ramp for a 1.4 mile overlap with U.S. 63 south. 05/04/12
Nearing the right turn for Interstate 44 west to Springfield, Joplin and Tulsa, Oklahoma on U.S. 63 south. 05/04/12
Interstate 44 encircles western Rolla to Route E (University Drive) and Kingshighway (Business Loop I-44) on the 104 mile drive to Springfield. 05/04/12
Business Loop I-44 west & U.S. 63 south and Missouri 72 east
Business Loop I-44 and Missouri 72 begin ahead of the four lane overpass across I-44. A signalized intersection follows the I-44 eastbound on-ramp with Walnut Street south to East 18th Street. 05/04/12
Interstate 44 leaves Rolla for the 103 mile trek to St. Louis. 05/04/12
U.S. 63, Business Loop I-44 and MO 72 continue westward along Bishop Avenue from Walnut Street to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. 05/04/12

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