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Interstate 70 West U.S. 522 North
Welcome to Pennsylvania sign posted alongside Interstate 70 west / U.S. 522 north at the SR 3001 (old U.S. 522) over crossing. 06/24/12
The first rest area on I-70 westbound in Pennsylvania lies just west of Cove Ridge. Quarry Hill encircles the facility from SR 3001 north to Pigeon Cove Road. 06/24/12
The first exit within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania departs Interstate 70 west, 1.50 miles north of the state welcome center. U.S. 522 leaves the freeway via Exit 168 at Warfordsburg. 06/24/12
U.S. 522 follows Great Cove Road northward from a parclo interchange (Exit 168) at Warfordsburg. U.S. 522 travels 21 miles northeast to McConnellsburg near U.S. 30. 06/24/12
I-70/U.S. 522 split 3.7 miles beyond their merge at Hancock. PA 484 (Buck Valley Road) stems westward from the exchange at Exit 168 to Stonybreak, Lashly and Buck Valley. 06/24/12
PA 484 runs 14 miles overall west to PA 26 near Barnes Gap. U.S. 522 travels 127 miles in Pennsylvania to U.S. 11/15 at Selinsgrove. 06/24/12
Interstate 70 West
Distance sign for Amaranth (Exit 163) and Breezewood (Exit 157) on Interstate 70 west. The freeway travels over Sideling Hill on the northward course through southwest Fulton County. 08/07/04
Exit 163 represents the northern terminus of PA 731 along Interstate 70 west. The state route loops 4.7 miles southwest to Buck Valley and PA 484. 08/07/04
PA 731 travels two miles west from Exit 163 to the community of Amaranth. 08/07/04
Interstate 70 west passes through Deneen Gap ahead of Exit 163 for PA 731 south. Deneen Gap Road (SR 3007) and another local roadway tie into the parclo interchange from the east. 08/07/04
Interstate 70 curves northwest to Town Hill ahead of the Fairview Road overpass. 08/07/04
PA 643 concludes a 7.4 mile route northward from U.S. 522 (Great Cove Road) and the community of Dott at Exit 156 and Town Hill. 08/07/04
Right in right out (RIRO) ramps connect I-70 west with PA 643 in a valley between Town Hill and Emmaville Mountain. 08/07/04
PA 643 passes underneath I-70 ahead and transitions into a local roadway (Old PA 126) that parallels the freeway northward from Exit 156 to Emmaville. 08/07/04
Button copy guide sign that was posted for Crystal Spring (Exit 151) and Breezewood (Exit 147) on Interstate 70 west.
All signs on this stretch of I-70 were replaced by 2009. 08/07/04
Interstate 70 west precedes two miles to PA 915 at Exit 151. 08/07/04
One mile south of the parclo interchange (Exit 151) with PA 915. The state route begins here at Crystal Spring. 08/07/04
A former button copy guide sign for Exit 151 and PA 915 (Crystal Springs Road). Crystal Springs Road carries the state route three miles northward to Akersville and 6.6 miles to U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway). 08/07/04
West I-70 reassurance shield posted after Exit 151 on the climb over Rays Hill. Although not visible, S Breezewood Road parallels the freeway from Crystal Spring and Gapsville northward to Breezewood. 08/07/04
Warning signs for traffic congestion and stopped vehicles on Interstate 70 west, four miles from the freeway end at U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) in Breezewood. Original concrete throughout much of this stretch was replaced with asphalt by 2009. 08/07/04
Exit 149 is signed as the preferred route for U.S. 30 west to Everett via S Breezewood Road (SR 2035) north. 08/07/04
Exit 149 button copy guide sign for South Breezewood. Several amenities and Main Street in Breezewood are accessible via S Breezewood Road (SR 2035) north of I-70. 08/07/04
Exit 149 leads to U.S. 30 west via S Breezewood Road, 1.5 miles to the north. U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) heads 6.8 miles from there to Main Street (SR 1044) into the borough of Everett and a freeway bypass. 08/07/04
Exit 149 connects I-70 with an access road linking S Breezewood Road and Lighthouse Road across the freeway. 08/07/04
The premature end of Interstate 70 at Breezewood lies 1.5 miles beyond Exit 149 for South Breezewood and U.S. 30 westbound. 08/07/04
Exit 147 represents the signalized intersection with U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) where the freeway abruptly ends. 08/07/04
Expressway ends signs precede the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) over crossing. The turnpike through here dates from the early 1940s. 08/07/04
Interstate 70 westbound combines with U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) east to a trumpet interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike access road. 08/07/04
Interstate 70 continues onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike west from Breezewood to New Stanton. I-70/76 overlap between Exit 75 and 161. 08/07/04
Interstate 70 lowers to the intersection (Exit 147) with U.S. 30 (Main Street) at Breezewood. 08/07/04
U.S. 30 travels east from I-70 and Breezewood across Sideling Hill to McConnellsburg, Fort Loudon and Chambersburg. 08/07/04
The right turn taking I-70 westbound onto U.S. 30 east ties into the interection with N Breezewood Road (SR 1013) north and Post House Road south. 08/07/04
Interstate 70 West U.S. 30 East
I-70/U.S. 30 combine for 1,553 feet from Exit 147 to the exchange with the PA Turnpike access road. An array of traveler services line the five lane boulevard. 08/07/04
Interstate 76 follows the Pennsylvania Turnpike mainline west to Pittsburgh and the Ohio Turnpike and east from Breezewood to Harrisburg and Valley Forge in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. 08/07/04
U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) continues 17.2 miles east from the split with I-70 westbound to U.S. 522 outside the borough of Mcconnellsburg. 08/07/04

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