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Interstate 270 U.S. 36 West
Interstate 270 branches north from I-70 and quickly crosses the Adams County line at Quebec Street. Frontage roads (Sandcreek Drive) accompany the freeway west by the Tiffany community on the one mile approach to Exits 2B/A with U.S. 6-85 & SH 2 (Vasquez Boulevard). Photo taken 08/29/04.
Two off-ramps remain along I-270 west beyond the forthcoming cloverleaf interchange (Exits 2B/A) with Vasquez Boulevard. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Interstate 270 angles northwest two miles to meet Interstate 76 in an unincorporated area of Adams County. Photo taken 08/29/04.
This ground level sign for Exit 2B was eventually removed. U.S. 6-85 & SH 2 split just north of a commercialized stretch of Vasquez Boulevard. SH 2 shifts eastward through Commerce City while the US Highway tandem lead north to combine with Interstate 76 east. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Overheads at Exit 2 omit U.S. 6 for Vasquez Boulevard. The 5.34 mile stretch of Vasquez Boulevard south to I-70 and north to I-76 is inventoried as Route 006H by CDOT. Photo taken 08/29/04.
U.S. 6 west & 85 south use Vasquez Boulevard to connect with their hidden concurrency along I-70 west to Interstate 25 in Denver. Colorado 2 partitions with the routes for Colorado Boulevard south to Clayton, Skyland and Congress Park through east Denver. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Refineries and oil tanks dominate the landscape south of Interstate 270 as the freeway angles northwest parallel to Sand Creek. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 270 advances northwest one mile to a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 1) with Interstate 76. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Looking north from I-270 at Colorado 265 (Brighton Boulevard) and tracks for both the BNSF and Union Pacific Railroad lines. Commerce City is well known for its industrial areas. Photo taken 04/22/17.
An off-ramp from I-270 west to York Street precedes the exchange with I-76. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 270 curves west over Clear Creek to the junction with Interstate 25 north (Exit 0) and U.S. 36 (Denver-Boulder Turnpike) west. Photo taken 08/11/16.
There is no direct access to I-25 southbound from Interstate 270 west. Instead I-76 provides the movement south to Denver via Exit 1, Photo taken 04/22/17.
York Street travels south into the North Washington industrial area and north to the community of Welby. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 76 ventures west from Interstate 25 to Arvada and Wheat Ridge. Interstate 25 constitutes a busy commuter freeway north from Exit 0 to Thornton, Northglenn, Broomfield and Fort Collins. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 270 spans the South Platte River and leaves the Commerce City limits. Photo taken 08/11/16.
A distributor roadway separates from the westbound mainline of I-270 at Exit 1 for York Street and both ramps to Interstate 76. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Construction from June 2000 to August 2003 converted the previous trumpet interchange with Interstate 76 into a systems interchange. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Traffic splits from the Exit 1 distributor roadway for Interstate 76. The freeway west ends in 6.5 miles at I-70 ahead of Golden. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 east ventures 73 miles to Fort Morgan and 180 miles to merge with I-80 near Big Springs, Nebraska. Photo taken 04/22/17.
The westbound extension of Interstate 270 to Interstate 25 north (Exit 0) and U.S. 36 west opened to traffic in 2001. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The first sign of U.S. 36 appears as I-270 westbound passes under Interstate 76. U.S. 36 overlaps with the urban freeway west to the Denver-Boulder Turnpike. U.S. 36 travels northwest as a stand alone route 57.42 miles to U.S. 34 in Estes Park. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Completed in 2008, the 2,200 foot long flyover ramp from I-270 east to I-76 east replaced a loop ramp from I-25 south to I-76 east. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 270 curves west over Clear Creek and SH 224 (70th Avenue) a half mile ahead of Exit 0. Interstate 25 offers the most direct route to northern Front Range cities to Cheyenne, Wyoming. SH 224 ties into U.S. 36 just west of I-25. Photo taken 08/11/16.
U.S. 36 extends the freeway west to interchanges with Broadway and Pecos Street and north through Westminster and Broomfield. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Two lanes leave Interstate 270 west for I-25 north to Fort Collins and Wyoming. U.S. 36 follows the Denver-Boulder Turnpike 20 miles northwest to the University of Colorado at Boulder. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 270 west ends as Segment B of U.S. 36 begins. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 270 Archive - west
Beyond the ramps for I-76, Interstate 270 continues to I-25 & U.S. 87 and U.S. 36 (Denver-Boulder Turnpike). Prior to 2001, this connection was afforded via Interstate 76 west. Photo taken 08/29/04.
The western extension of Interstate 270 was initially signed as a Future route. This confirming marker was posted after I-76. Photo taken 08/29/04.

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