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Approved as a chargeable interstate in July 1958, Interstate 880 was the designation for the north bypass of Sacramento. It was replaced with actions by Governor Edumund G. Brown, Jr. on January 11, 1980, and the Federal Highway Administration on May 15, 1980 to withdraw the planned realignment of I-80 through northeast Sacramento from the Interstate system. The subsequent need for route continuity for Interstate 80 resulted in the redesignation of I-880 around Sacramento. AASHTO approved the relocation of I-80 and the elimination of I-880 between West Sacramento and north Sacramento on November 14, 1980.1

The "FAU 6380" designation was applied to what was I-80 through northeast Sacramento during the 1960s and 1970s. The 1980 FHWA action made no change to the classification of FAU 6380. In order to ensure FAP continuity in Sacramento, FAP 51 was extended over FAU 6380, though sign changes were not made in the field initially. This did not occur until the passage of State Senate Bill 191 (1981), which made several changes in the highway system to reflect the FHWA actions. 880 was deleted from the state highway system, and 80 was rerouted over it. The FAP 51 segment along the old 80 alignment through Sacramento was renumbered as California 51. New signs were posted by 1982.

Postmiles (PM) on Interstate 80 around Sacramento use the Postmile Prefix of M, reflecting the realignment made in 1982. The mileage of the proposed realignment of I-80 through northeast Sacramento was previously designated with the "R" prefix, starting roughly at the 1964 PM 4.0 or PM 4.5. The bypass would have overtaken what was Interstate 880 just east of Watt at PM R10.66 to Business Loop I-80 at PM R11.27, which was equal to 1964 PM 11.68. The portion of Interstate 80 in Yolo County that replaced I-880 uses "R" prefixes.

Interstate 880 was reused along the Nimitz Freeway north from San Jose to Oakland in 1983. Approved by AASHTO on June 20, 1983, the request replaced all of SR 17 between I-280 and I-80/580, resulting in FAP route 880. State Assembly Bill 2741 made changes to route 17 in the state highway system in 1984, and sign changes were made along SR 17 the following year.

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