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Miscellaneous Ohio Statewide Photos

Interstate Highways
Northbound on the Columbus Beltway at the Exit 41B/A full-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 40 (Main Street) in east Columbus. U.S. 40 travels east from Interstate 270 into Reynoldsburg nearby. Westbound, the US highway enters Whitehall and Bexley before turning north from Main Street onto Drexel Avenue and west onto Broad Street for downtown Columbus. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 270 northbound (outer loop) at the ramp departure for Interstate 670 west & U.S. 62 at Exit 35. Interstate 670 begins here and travels west toward downtown Columbus with U.S. 62. U.S. 62 continues east from Exit 35 into Gahanna and New Albany to the northeast of the Columbus Beltway. Use Interstate 670 & U.S. 62 west to Exit 9 for Port Columbus International Airport. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Roberts Road westbound within the Exit 10 diamond interchange of Interstate 270 in west Columbus. Roberts Road stems west from Dublin Road to Alton Darby Creek Road at Mudsock. A neutered shield pictured here directs motorists onto the southbound (outer loop) of the Columbus Beltway for junction Interstate 70 and Grove City. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Westbound reassurance shield for Interstate 670 posted after the Exit 6 diamond interchange with Leonard Avenue east of downtown Columbus. The six-lane freeway passes over a railroad crossing between Leonard Avenue and the Joyce Avenue overpass. In the distance is the Exit 5 directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 71. Photo taken 10/15/04.
The northern terminus of Interstate 675 at junction Interstate 70 & Ohio 4 (Exits 26A/B) near Medway and Fairborn. A full-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between the two freeways midway between the Ohio 4 entry and departure points with Interstate 70. Clark County 335 (Spangler Road) stems northwest from Interstate 675 1.25 miles to Clark County 316 (Main Street) at Medway ahead. Photo taken 10/15/04.
U.S. Highways
Ohio 12 enters Fostoria via Findlay and Lytle Streets from the southwest and merges with U.S. 23 & Ohio 18 & 199 four blocks south of downtown. U.S. 23 & Ohio 199 north and Ohio 12 east and 18 west travel north to downtown; U.S. 23 & Ohio 199 south and Ohio 18 east follow Lytle Street east to Fostoria-Carey Road and Columbus Avenue on respective paths to Carey and Tiffin. Photo taken 11/13/04.
U.S. 30 eastbound at the Ohio 696 trumpet interchange east of Beaverdam. Ohio 696 begins here and travels west along Main Street (old U.S. 30) to junction Interstate 75 and the Beaverdam village center. The U.S. 30 expressway does not see direct access with the adjacent freeway. Photo taken 11/13/04.

Eastbound U.S. 62, Northbound Ohio 7, and Eastbound Ohio 304 through the town of Hubbard. Note that Ohio 304 is not signed here. Photo taken 5/25/02.
Eastbound Ohio 304 shield just east of Ohio 193. Photo taken 5/21/02.
Eastbound Ohio 304 approaching Junction U.S. 62 and Ohio 7. Ohio 304 silently merges with U.S. 62 and Ohio 7 straight ahead. U.S. 62 and Ohio 7 stay merged through Youngstown, and they intersect with Interstate 680 near downtown together. Photo taken 5/21/02.
Eastbound U.S. 62, Northbound Ohio 7, and Eastbound Ohio 304 approaching Junction U.S. 62 and Ohio 616. Ohio 616 southbound connects with U.S. 422 and U.S. 224 east of Youngstown. Ohio 304 roughly parallels Interstate 80 to the north of that freeway between Interstate 76 and the Pennsylvania State Line. Photo taken 5/21/02.
Eastbound U.S. 62, Northbound Ohio 7, and Eastbound Ohio 304 at the Ohio 616 intersection in the town of Hubbard. Ohio 616 begins its southward journey from here, and Ohio 7 and U.S. 62 make left turn (north) to leave town. U.S. 62 turns east again to enter Pennsylvania, while Ohio 7 continues its northward journey toward Lake Erie. Photo taken 5/21/02.
State Routes
Northbound Ohio 193 reassurance marker located within the town of Vienna. Ohio 193 parallels the Ohio 11 freeway from Interstate 680 in Youngstown north to the shore of Lake Erie near Kingsville. Photos taken 10/18/01.
Leaving the Exit 145 diamond interchange with Interstate 75 on Ohio 235 northbound. Ohio 235 ventures a short distance north to Mt. Cory on the four mile drive to Ohio 12 near Benton Ridge. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 281 end shield posted at the intersection of Bradner Road and U.S. 6 (Bowling Green Road) north of Bradner. Ohio 281 travels northeast five miles from Ohio 199 to Wayne and Bradner to its end. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 582 (Krotzer Avenue) westbound at the village of Luckey in eastern Wood County. Ohio 582 follows Krotzer Avenue and Main Street through the community. The state route totals 19 miles between the Haskins area and Woodville. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Southbound Ohio 616 just south of Hubbard. This is a remarkably busy stretch of two-lane, rural highway between U.S. 62 and U.S. 422. Photo taken 5/21/02.
Southbound Ohio 616 approaching Junction U.S. 422. U.S. 422 west leads to Youngstown, U.S. 422 east leads to New Castle, Pennsylvania, and Ohio 616 south leads to Poland. Photo taken 5/21/02.
Ohio 696 begins at trumpet interchange east of Beaverdam, linking the U.S. 30 expressway with the original U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) through town. Ohio 696 follows old U.S. 30 along Main Street to Napoleon Road. An internally lit overhead directs motorists onto the U.S. 30 expressway from Lincoln Highway. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Looking north from the U.S. 30 trumpet interchange at Ohio 696's westbound beginning at Lincoln Highway. Ohio 696 (Main Street) enters the exit 135 diamond interchange with Interstate 75 nearby, providing one of two connections between the freeway and U.S. 30. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 198 & 501 northbound jointly begin at a folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 33 on the south edge of Wapakoneta and travel northward along the original routing of U.S. 25 (Willipie Street) into downtown. The tandem reaches Benton Street, one block south of Ohio 67 (Pearl Street). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 67 follows Pearl Street east from Willipie Street to Wood Street north. The routing comprises old U.S. 25 northward from Wapakoneta toward Exit 113 of Interstate 75. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 198 & 501 turn west onto Pearl Street two blocks to Blackhoof Street north at Ohio 67. The pair continue northward across the St. Marys River along Defiance Street. Ohio 198 ventures northwest to Ft. Amanda and Ohio 117 near Spencerville. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Lincoln Avenue carries Ohio 501 northward from Ohio 198 (Defiance Street) out of Wapakoneta. The state route travels 12 miles overall between U.S. 33 and Ohio 117 west of Lima. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Trumbull County Road 329 plate on the road eastbound within the town of Vienna. So much for the blue pentagon; it seems like county routes in Ohio are signed in a variety of formats. Photo taken 10/18/01.

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