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Ohio 11

Ohio 11 north
Ohio 82 westbound approach signage on northbound Ohio 11. The lefthand nature of this exit is emphasized on this overhead. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Northbound at westbound Ohio 82 for Warren. Ohio 82 actually bypasses the city of Warren on a freeway bypass to the north. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Northbound at eastbound Ohio 82, a divided highway towards the town of Vienna and Sharon Pennsylvania. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Ohio 11 south
Southbound Ohio 11 reassurance shield, located just south of the Ohio 82 interchange near Warren. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Southbound sign bridge for the junction with Interstate 80. The control city of Girard for westbound indicates the link to U.S. 422 at Interstate 80 Exit 227. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Ohio 11 southbound merges with Interstate 80 westbound at this ramp. The two highways share pavement for three miles before Ohio 11 departs southward towards Canfield. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Southbound on the Ohio 11 freeway at the ramp to eastbound Interstate 80. A stub end exists at this interchange for a never built freeway connection between Youngstown at Ohio 711 to this interchange. An empty sign bridge exists on the northbound roadway of that never opened highway. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Ohio 11 scenes
Westbound Ohio 82 at the Ohio 11 interchange in the above photographs. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Older Ohio 82 westbound sign at the ramp to southound Ohio 11. Photo taken 10/08/01.

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