Interstate 176

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Interstate 176 scenes
Descending toward the original southern terminus of Interstate 176 (Morgantown Expressway) on Pennsylvania 10 north & 23 east (Main Street) in Morgantown itself. The two state routes join for 0.75 miles through Morgantown between Interstate 176 and downtown. Depicted here is the junction shield assembly for the northbound carriageway beginning of the Morgantown Expressway. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Until 1996 the intersection of Pennsylvania 10 & 23 with the Morgantown Expressway was the original south end of Interstate 176. A change was made to directly tie the Interstate 76 spur into the Pennsylvania Turnpike mainline at the nearby Morgantown trumpet interchange. A new freeway was constructed southeast from the original alignment across Pennsylvania 10 to Interstate 76. The new ramps displaced the original Pennsylvania 10 trumpet interchange in the process.
The original construction of Interstate 176, then Interstate 180, saw no direct connection between it and the Pennsylvania Turnpike due to the preexisting Pennsylvania 10 trumpet. As the need for better connections between adjoining limited access highways increased, it was decided to replace the at-grade connection via Pennsylvania 10 and Pennsylvania 10 & 23 (Main Street) with direct access to the Interstate 176 mainline. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Less than one mile removed from the Morgantown overlap with Pennsylvania 23, Pennsylvania 10 intersects Interstate 176 at a parclo interchange. The junction supplements the original trumpet connection between the state route and Interstate 176. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Motorists utilizing the Pennsylvania 10 on-ramp to Interstate 176 southbound default into the Pennsylvania Turnpike Morgantown Interchange toll plaza. Interstate 76 skims south of the Reading area and north of the Lancaster area between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Continuing through the Interstate 176 junction on Pennsylvania 10 as it nears a northbound on-ramp to Reading and Mineview Drive. Pennsylvania 10 (Morgantown Road) snakes northward to Green Hills east of Interstate 176. Ramps link the two highways via Exit 7 on the Morgantown Expressway itself at Interstate 176 and Pennsylvania 10's next encounter. Photo taken 04/23/04.
The northbound on-ramp to Interstate 176 allows Pennsylvania 23 westbound drivers the opportunity to access the Morgantown Expressway from the new alignment. The parclo interchange with Pennsylvania 10 otherwise is signed as Exit 1A from Interstate 176. The old alignment spur merges with the new freeway via a wye interchange as Exit 1B. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Button copy guide sign on Pennsylvania 724 (Philadelphia Avenue) eastbound at it approaches the Exit 10 diamond interchange of Interstate 176. Interstate 176 ends just north of here at U.S. 422. Downtown Reading is approximately four miles to the northwest. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Pennsylvania 724 (Philadelphia Avenue) eastbound at the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 176. The next interchange lies three miles to the south at Pennsylvania 10 (Morgantown Road). Pennsylvania 724 intersected Pennsylvania 10 1.5 miles to the west. Photo taken 08/01/04.

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