Business Loop I-25 - Wheatland

Serving the town of Wheatland (population 3,548 as of the 2000 Census), Business Loop I-25 follows an alignment with several twists and turns. Beginning at Interstate 25 Exit 78, Business Loop I-25 (along with Business U.S. 87) briefly travels east on Mariposa Parkway, then turns north along 16th Street (which serves as the I-25 frontage road on the east side of the freeway). Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 follow 16th Street briefly, then turn right (east) at South Street. To the west of this intersection, Wyoming 312 begins its journey west and then south to link up with Wyoming 34.

Following South Street east, Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 travel into downtown Wheatland, making another hard turn at 9th Street. The two routes turn left (north) on 9th Street, and they will proceed through the central business district. The major downtown intersection is with Wyoming 316/Gilchrist Street, about three blocks north of South Street. From there, the business route will proceed north out of town, splitting with Wyoming 320 (Old U.S. 87) north of the urban limits of the town. Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 curve northwest along Swanson Road for the final distance back to Interstate 25 Exit 80.

Mileage Table and Junction List

Signed Route Milepost Number Description State Control Route Distance Overall Mileage
78.93 Junction South Wheatland 57 0.00 0.00
78.93 Begin 57 0.00 0.00
79.40 Junction North South 57 0.47 0.47
80.10 Junction East 57 0.70 1.17
80.72 CL Wheatland 57 0.62 1.79
80.96 CL Wheatland 57 0.24 2.03
81.03 Junction () North 57 0.07 2.10
81.71 North City Limits Wheatland 57 0.68 2.78
81.89 Junction North Wheatland 57 0.18 2.96
81.89 End 57 0.00 2.96

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