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In Buffalo, Business Loop I-25 follows Main Street into Buffalo, following Business Loop I-90 north to end at Interstate 90 just north of Buffalo, even though it is not signed north of Hart Street (U.S. 16 and Business Loop I-90). Business U.S. 87 follows Business Loop I-25 and Business Loop I-90 north to the Interstate 90 west interchange. On southbound, Business Loop I-25 is cosigned with Business Loop I-90 from Interstate 90 Exit 56A southeast into Buffalo.

Highway Guide

Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 north
Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 begin their northbound journey into Buffalo at Exit 298. The business route connects with Old U.S. 87 (Wyoming 196) a short distance west of here. Photo taken 09/01/04.
This is the first reassurance shield for Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Northbound Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 (Main Street) meet Wyoming 196. Wyoming 196 travels south on Old U.S. 87 parallel to Interstate 25 to Kaycee. To follow Bypass Road around downtown Buffalo, turn right (north) at this intersection. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Another set of business route shields is posted after the Wyoming 196 intersection. Photo taken 09/01/04.
The city of Buffalo is home to 3,900 people as of the 2000 Census, and it is the gateway to the Bighorn Mountains. U.S. 16 follows the Cloud Peak Skyway west over the Powder River Pass in the southern Bighorn Mountains. Buffalo serves as the northern terminus of Interstate 25 at its junction with Interstate 90. Buffalo, like most of the cities in northern Wyoming, rests at a lower elevation (4,645 feet above sea level) than the cities along the Interstate 80 corridor. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Northbound Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 is again signed as the business route enters downtown Buffalo. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Due to the limited sight distance, curves in the road, and undulation of the landscape, the business route slows to 20 miles per hour through downtown Buffalo. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 (Main Street) approach the first intersection with U.S. 16 at Fort Street. Follow U.S. 16 west to the Cloud Peak Skyway en route to the Powder River Pass at an elevation of 9,666 feet. Despite this high elevation, the pass is kept open year-round except during certain winter storms. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Continue north on Business Loop I-25, U.S. 16, and Business U.S. 87 (Fort Street) to Business Loop I-90 (Hart Street) five blocks north of here. U.S. 16 travels east to Worland in the Bighorn Basin, then turns north via U.S. 20/Wyoming 789 to Greybull. At Greybull, U.S. 14-16-20 travel west into Yellowstone National Park via the East Entrance. Photo taken 09/01/04.
The next shield assembly shows "To Interstate 25," "To Interstate 90," U.S. 16, and Business U.S. 87. It seems like the "To Interstate 25" designation is irrelevant, since Interstate 25 does not exist north of Buffalo. It would perhaps be better to continue using green business shields here. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Continue straight ahead to follow Business U.S. 87 north to Interstate 90. Business Loop I-25 more or less fades out of existence, with no END shield or any acknowledgement on what happens to it after the previous overhead sign. The next sign seems to show Business Loop I-25 turns right onto U.S. 16 to return to Interstate 25 at Exit 299. However, on southbound Main Street, the business loop is signed starting at Interstate 90, cosigned with Business Loop I-90. So, the north end may vary depending upon whether you're traveling northbound or southbound. Photo taken 09/01/04.
As noted in the previous photobox, this shield assembly shows U.S. 16 and Business Loop I-90 turn east on Hart Street to Interstate 25 and Interstate 90. Business Loop I-25 is no longer signed, and it is debated whether the northbound business loop turns right (east) to return to Interstate 25 or continues north to flow into Interstate 90 en route to Sheridan. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 south
After the Hart Street (Business Loop I-90) intersection, Business Loop I-25 is not signed, but it continues south along with U.S. 16 and Business U.S. 87 (Main Street) toward downtown Buffalo. Even though Buffalo is in the rain shadow of the Bighorn Mountains, it still receives 13.54 inches of precipitation, of which 44 inches is snowfall. The sun shines 252 days a year. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 splits with U.S. 16 in downtown Buffalo. U.S. 16 travels west toward Worland and the Powder River Pass via Fort Street and the Cloud Peak Skyway. The business route continues south along Main Street. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Southbound Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 is cosigned here with "To Interstate 90." This is really the wrong way! To get to Interstate 90, turn around and go back to Hart Street! It seems like the Department of Transportation is trying to get people to drive south through downtown to Interstate 25, then turn north on Interstate 25 to return to Interstate 90, but that is pretty far out of the way. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Historic downtown Buffalo spreads out along southbound Main Street. Some of the sights here include the Occidental Hotel, Johnson County Court House, and the Jim Gatchell Museum. Passing through downtown Buffalo is Clear Creek, which drains from the Bighorn Mountains. Notably, Buffalo is the smallest town in the United States to have a YMCA. Photo taken 09/01/04.
The southbound business loop now shifts to an assembly of "To Interstate 25" and "To Interstate 90" as it travels out of downtown Buffalo on Main Street. Photo taken 09/01/04.
The houses on the west side of Main Street sit up a slope, and stairs offer access from the front sidewalk. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Continuing south, Main Street approaches its junction with Wyoming 196, which follows old U.S. 87 toward Kaycee. Photo taken 09/01/04.
This small guide sign points to the Interstate 25 south destination of Casper, the Interstate 90 east destination of Gillette, and the Interstate 90 west destination of Sheridan. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Southbound Business Loop I-25 and Business U.S. 87 approaches its junction with Interstate 25 and U.S. 87. A single gas station is located here, but it is the last services available until Kaycee to the south on Interstate 25. Photo taken 09/01/04.
At the end of the business loop, turn south to follow Interstate 25 and U.S. 87 south to Kaycee, Midwest, and Casper. Continue under the overpass to connect to northbound. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Turn left here to connect onto northbound Interstate 25 and U.S. 87 en route to Interstate 90, which travels northwest to Sheridan and east to Gillette. Photo taken 09/01/04.

Mileage Table and Junction List

Signed Route Milepost Number Description State Control Route Distance Overall Mileage
298.02 Junction North (MP 298.02) 59 0.00 0.00
298.02 Begin Bus 59 0.00 0.00
298.45 Junction South (Former ) 59 0.43 0.43
298.67 South City Limits Buffalo 59 0.22 0.65
299.28 Junction West 59 0.61 1.26
299.70 Junction & East; End 59 0.42 1.68

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