Nevada 372

Nevada 372 east
Begin Eastbound Nevada 372 (first shield) just east of the California State Line. Note that there is no state name within the Nevada 372 shield. The mountain in the distance is the western slope of Mt. Charleston, which is the closest skiing to the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Photos taken 1/21/02.
Older-style Welcome to Nevada signage on Eastbound Nevada 372 as seen from the highway and as seen from the right of way to the south of the highway. Photo taken 1/21/02.
Nevada 372 west
End Westbound Nevada 372 shield as it approaches the California State Line. Photo taken 1/21/02. The blue sign just beyond the Nevada 372 shield is the standard Welcome to California signage typically found at all entries into the Golden State. Photo taken 1/21/02.

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