U.S. Highway 185 (Decommissioned)


U.S. 185 is one of several U.S. routes that have been decertified in Wyoming. Along with U.S. 116, 216, 285, and 420, U.S. 185 was decommissioned early, in 1936. U.S. 187 was decommissioned years later, in 1982.

During its ten year life (between 1926 and 1936), U.S. 185 was part of the main route from Cheyenne and Casper. In 1936, when U.S. 87 was recommissioned to run through Cheyenne, U.S. 185 was removed. Today, the route of old U.S. 185 is the section of I-25 and U.S. 87 between Cheyenne and Orin. U.S. 185 was 124 miles long.

A 1933 map shows U.S. 185 in its entirety plus Wyo. 185, which followed the path of the modern day Wyoming 59 between Douglas and Gillette. Whether this state route was planned as a northern extension to U.S. 185 is unclear, but I don't think the road was completed before it was decommissioned in 1936. In 1937, the road was numbered as Wyo. 387.

For more on the role of U.S. 185 in the recommissioning of U.S. 87 and the removal of the U.S. 87 E/W split, see the U.S. 87 page.

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