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Interstate 64 East - Rockbridge County

Interstate 64 east
Interstate 64 merges onto Interstate 81 north at the Exit 56 tri-level stack interchange northeast of Lexington. Interstates 64 east & 81 north travel 30 miles northeast toward Staunton; Interstate 81 south continues 50 miles to Roanoke. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Turning northward onto Interstate 81 north from Interstate 64 east at Exit 56. Interstate 81 stretches 323 miles statewide between Bristol and Winchester. Travelers joining the southbound freeway next meet U.S. 60 outside of Lexington and Buena Vista. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Interstate 64 east & 81 north
The first set of shields posted for Interstate 64 east & 81 north reside at the tri-level stack interchange southwest of Timber Ridge. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Interstate 64 east & 81 north combine for 30.40-miles between the Lexington and Staunton areas. Harrisonburg joins Winchester as the northbound destinations beyond the split. Photo taken 07/24/04.
U.S. 11 (Lee Highway) leaves East Lexington and Exit 55 of Interstate 64 to meet Interstate 81 again at Exit 195. Photo taken 07/24/04.
A diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Interstates 64 & 81 and U.S. 11 (Lee Highway) at Exit 195. U.S. 11 travels its own four-lane divided highway from Lexington north toward Greenville. Photo taken 07/24/04.
U.S. 11 northbound shield posted at the Exit 195 ramp end. U.S. 11 continues six miles northeast to Fairfield and 11 miles to Steeles Tavern. Photo taken 07/16/05.

Virginia Secondary 710 (Swope Lane / Sterrett Road) winds eastward from Virginia 252 (Brownsburg Turnpike) to meet Interstates 64 & 81 at the Exit 200 diamond interchange near Fairfield. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Exit 200 leaves Interstates 64 east & 81 north for SSR 710 (Sterret Road). SSR 710 connects with U.S. 11 (Lee Highway) at Fairfield nearby. Photo taken 07/24/04.
The last Rockbridge County interchange of Interstates 64 and 81 joins the tandem with Virginia Secondary 606 (Raphine Road) near Steeles Tavern and Raphine. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Virginia Secondary 606 (Raphine Road) travels a short distance east to U.S. 11 (Lee Highway) at Steeles Tavern near the west end off Virginia 56. Virginia 56 ascends into the Blue Ridge Mountains to Vesuvius and Montebello.
Raphine Road west meanders through Raphine to Wades Mill and junction Virginia 252 (Brownsburg Turnpike) north of Brownsburg. Photo taken 07/24/04.

Photo Credits:
2004-07-24, 2005-07-16 by AARoads

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