Interstate 74 East - Vermillion, Fountain & Montgomery Counties

Interstate 74 east
Interstate 74 crosses the boundary into Indiana as it merges with the on-ramp from the Lynch Road interchange (Exit 220) in southeast Danville, Illinois. The state line represents the western border of Vermillion County, an elongated north-south county stretching along the state line south to Vigo County and north to a point just outside Exit 4. Photo taken 05/28/12.
A Welcome to Indiana sign greets motorists on eastbound Interstate 74 near the Rileysburg Road overpass. Photo taken 05/28/12.
The Spring Creek Welcome Center serves as the information center for eastbound travelers in the first two miles into the state. The next rest area is in Lizton, about 56 miles away. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Now at the on-ramp from eastbound Interstate 74 to the Spring Creek Welcome Center. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Perrysville is the first community that is reached via Interstate 74 at a distance of seven miles. Crawfordsville at 32 miles away is the county seat of Montgomery County and the largest community along Interstate 74 from Danville to Indianapolis. The Indiana capital of Indianapolis is 76 miles away. Photo taken 05/28/12.
The Indiana 63 expressway crosses paths with Interstate 74 at the first Indiana exit, a partial-cloverleaf interchange, in one mile. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Indiana 63 constitutes a 61.4-mile portion of the expressway route between Northwest Indiana and Terre Haute. The state road overtakes U.S. 41 in importance due to the geography of the US highway to the east, which made upgrading it cost prohibitive. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Exit 4 leaves Interstate 74 west for Indiana 63. SR 63 ventures north to West Lebanon and south to Perrysville, Newport and Clinton in Vermillion County. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Shield and distance sign to the east of Exit 4. The Fountain County seat of Covington is five miles off. Crawfordsville and Indianapolis follow at 29 and 70 miles away respectively. Photos taken 05/28/12.
East of Exit 4, Interstate 74 descends into the valley of the Wabash River. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Interstate 74 crosses the Wabash River, Indiana's longest river, and enters Fountain County. The county seat of Covington is reached from Stringtown Road in one mile via the Exit 8 diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/28/12.
An uncovered guide sign announces the half mile approach to Exit 8. Stringtown Road becomes 11th Street in Covington, intersecting U.S. 136 (Liberty Street). Photo taken 05/28/12.
Exit 8 turns off of eastbound Interstate 74. South of Exit 8, Stringtown Road continues to Coal Creek, becoming a part of Indiana 32 east of Perrysville. Photo taken 05/28/12.
The town of Veedersburg is eight miles away from Exit 8. Crawfordsville is 26 miles away and Indianapolis is one hour away (based on the speed limit of 70 MPH). Photo taken 05/28/12.
U.S. 136 swaps sides with Interstate 74 near milepost 11 and Layton. The US highway remains south of the freeway for the remainder of its journey through Veedersburg, Crawfordsville and Brownsburg to its endpoint at Interstate 465 in Indianapolis. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Meeting the freeway on the outskirts of town is U.S. 41 at a diamond interchange (Exit 15) in one mile. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Turkey Run State Park, among the most popular in the Indiana state park system, is 20 miles to the south along U.S. 41 south and Indiana 47 east. Photo taken 05/28/12.
U.S. 41 comprises a four-lane divided highway as it straddles the east side of Veedersburg. The US Route shares a brief overlap with U.S. 136 between East 2nd and State Streets. U.S. 136 follows 2nd Street to the town center. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Traveling 280 miles in Indiana, U.S. 41 doubles as the main route between Gary, Hammond and Northwest Indiana to Terre Haute and Evansville. The stretch through Veedersburg and Attica, 11.7 miles to the north, is bypassed as the through route via the Indiana 63 expressway to the west. U.S. 41 overtakes the expressway from SR 63 near Carbondale to the north. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Waynetown is the next community at a distance of nine miles. Once again, Crawfordsville and Indianapolis are listed at 20 and 64 miles respectively. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Views of Interstate 74 as it treks across eastern Fountain County. Photos taken 05/28/12.
Further east, a set of abandoned weigh stations lie east of the Epperson / County Road 325 East over crossing. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Indiana 25 joins Interstate 74 with Wingate, 4.5 miles north of Exit 25. Waynetown lies just south of the freeway at Indiana 25 (Wingate Road) and U.S. 136 (Washington Street). Photo taken 05/28/12.
Within a mile of Exit 25, Interstate 74 crosses into Montgomery County. Photo taken 05/28/12.
One half mile east of the Exit 25 ramp departure to Indiana 25 on Interstate 74 east. SR 25 begins at Indiana 32, 4.3 miles south of Waynetown, and ends 123 miles to the northeast at Warsaw. A portion of the route doubles as the Hoosier Heartland expressway Corridor between Lafayette and Logansport. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Interstate 74 eastbound partitions with the Exit 25 ramp to Indiana 25. Indiana 25 reaches Lafayette in 28 miles. Photo taken 05/28/12.
East of Exit 25, Crawfordsville is now ten miles away. Jamestown (26 miles) and Indianapolis (54 miles) follows. Photo taken 05/28/12.
A view of Interstate 74 in western Montgomery County as it heads toward the Crawfordsville area. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Approaching the Crawfordsville area, Interstate 74 draws to within one mile of the Exit 34 folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 231. Photo taken 05/28/12.
U.S. 231 joins downtown Crawfordsville with Interstate 74 via Lafayette Road to the south and with Linden some seven miles to the north. The US Route travels 297 miles in Indiana between St. John, its northern terminus, and the Kentucky state line near Rockport. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Wabash College, a small, private liberal arts college for men, is located in the heart of Crawfordsville, a couple of miles to the south of Interstate 74. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Exit 34 turns off to U.S. 231 from Interstate 74 east. U.S. 231 heads south from downtown Crawfordsville with Indiana 32 and 47 to South Boulevard. There SR 32 turns west to Yountsville and SR 47 southwest to Waveland. U.S. 231 continues south to Greencastle. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Lowering into a valley to span Sugar Creek, Jamestown is 18 miles away via Interstate 74. Lizton is 24 miles away and Indianapolis is 46 miles off. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Indiana 32 parallels Little Sugar Creek west from Shannondale to meet Interstate 74 at Exit 39 near Smartsburg in one mile. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Heading east, Indiana 32 leaves Exit 39 for Lebanon, 22 miles away via the towns of Shannondale and Dover. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Another guide sign for Wabash College, which can be reached via Indiana 32 to the west back into Crawfordsville. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Indiana 32 comprises a 156.8-mile cross-state route west from Crawfordsville to Perrysville and the Illinois state line and east to Lebanon, Westfield, Noblesville, Anderson, Muncie, Winchester, and the Ohio state line at Union City. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Jamestown is now the next town at a distance of 13 miles. Brownsburg, part of the Indianapolis western suburbs, is 27 miles away with Indianapolis at a distance of 41 miles. Photo taken 05/28/12.
Scenes from Interstate 74 as it crosses eastern Montgomery County en route toward the Greater Indianapolis area. Photos taken 05/28/12.
Interstate 74 travelers enter the southwestern corner of Boone County. Photo taken 05/28/12.


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