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Alabama Route 129 North
Alabama 129 passes through Lawrence Mill and intersects Alabama 102, 1.34 miles north of its beginning. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Alabama 102 ends just 0.38 miles to the west of Alabama 129 at U.S. 43. Photo taken 12/19/09.
East from SR 129, SR 102 winds 8.85 miles eastward to SR 13 at Fowlers Crossroads. The state route travels 24.28 miles overall to SR 124 at Townley. Photo taken 12/19/09.
SR 129 straddles a series of forested hills west of the Sispey River north from SR 102 to Hubbertville. This reassurance marker follows the intersection with Fayette County 116 north. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Turning eastward, Alabama 129 enters the town limits of Glen Allen ahead of Fayette County 49 north. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Fayette County 49 angles northwest from Hubbertville to southern reaches of the city of Winfield. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Alabama 129 meets the west end of Fayette County 50 just beyond Studhorse Creek. Photo taken 12/19/09.
County Road 50 travels a short distance east across the Sipsey River to CR-53 and CR-52. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Drivers along Alabama 129 north reenter Glen Allen after CR-50 and remain within the town limits to Marion County. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Fayette County 24 crosses paths, linking Alabama 129 with Alabama 13 at the Walker County line to the east. Photo taken 12/19/09.
County Road 24 continues west from SR 129 to end at CR-49 outside Winfield. Photo taken 12/19/09.
County Road 73 stems northwest from County Road 53 near Bazemore to intersect Alabama 129 in Glen Allen next. Photo taken 12/19/09.
A BNSF Railroad travels along side County Road 73 (10th Avenue) at Alabama 129. The county road heads west a short distance to Elm Road. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Alabama 223 splits from Alabama 129 north at the Glen Allen town center. The state route ventures 2.49 miles east to U.S. 78 Alternate and Alabama 118. SR 223 in conjunction with Old Glen Allen Road east and SR 129 north comprises an old alignment of U.S. 78. Photo taken 12/19/09.
SR 129 veers northwest 1.49 miles to merge with SR 118 west. SR 233 continues north from there 2.48 miles to Interstate 22 & U.S. 78. The state route ends at SR 74, 14.56 miles to the north. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Before Future Interstate 22 was completed east to Jasper, U.S. 78 & Alabama 4 shared pavement with Alabama 129 south into the city of Winfield. The trio shared a three-lane highway for 4.07 miles to Alabama 118 (Bankhead Avenue). Photo taken 09/25/03.
North Alabama 129 shield posted ahead of the diamond interchange with Interstate 22 and U.S. 78. The north-south highway continues four miles into the town of Brilliant and ten miles to U.S. 278. Photo taken 09/25/03.
Alabama 129 north at the westbound on-ramp to I-22 & U.S. 78. The city of Hamilton lies 18 miles to the west, while Tupelo, Mississippi is reached in 60 miles. Alabama 129 concludes in 20 miles near the city of Haleyville. Photo taken 09/25/03.
Alabama Route 129 South
An implied overlap with Fayette County 49 concludes ahead, with CR-49 resuming a northward course to Winfield. Photo taken 12/19/09.
Alabama 129 turns south, generally following the Sipsey River to the west while CR-49 stair steps northwest to U.S. 43 and County Road 21. Photo taken 12/19/09.

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