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Unsigned California 244 is a short freeway connecting Interstate 80 and Business Loop I-80 (Capital City Freeway) with Auburn Boulevard. This view looks east along California 244 from the eastbound lanes of Business Loop I-80 northeast of Sacramento. Photo taken 11/23/12.

California 244 is a 1.077 mile long spur from the eastern exchange joining Interstate 80 and Business Loop I-80 (Capital City Freeway) with Auburn Avenue (Historic U.S. 40-99E) in northeastern Sacramento. Classified as a state maintained legislative route without state sign route shields, California 244 is essentially just a system of ramps. The state route was intended to be a much longer route, which would connect to unconstructed California 143. The freeway portion between Auburn Boulevard and Fair Oaks Boulevard at Carmichael was rescinded in 1975 and deleted from the state system in 1994. California 143 was a proposed 21 mile long freeway leading south from California 244 to California 99 near Elk Grove.

SR 244 east
The on-ramp to SR 244 from Business Loop I-80 & SR 51 east expands to two lanes ahead of the merge with the distributor roadway originating from Interstate 80 eastbound. 07/10/18
The aforementioned ramp from the Capital City Freeway east to SR 244 reduces to a single lane as it combines with the two lanes from I-80 east. A pair of end freeway signs follow. 07/10/18
The concrete roadway for SR 244 concludes as traffic reduces speed to the signalized intersection with Auburn Boulevard (old U.S. 40). 07/10/18
SR 244 ends at Auburn Boulevard, which angles southwest into Sacramento and parallels I-80 northeast to Citrus Heights. 07/10/18
SR 244 west
Auburn Boulevard (historic U.S. 40) constitutes a five lane commercial boulevard leading southwest to the east end of SR 244. This guide sign precedes the right turn onto the short freeway link to I-80 and Business Loop I-80 (Capital City Freeway). 07/10/18
The previous button copy sign for SR 244 west on Auburn Boulevard was old enough that it predated the relocation of I-80 over what was I-880 around the north side of Sacramento. 09/16/00
SR 244 begins and arcs northwest from a signalized intersection with Auburn Boulevard. 07/10/18
A short distance beyond the freeway beginning, a two lane off-ramp separates for Interstate 80 east to Reno and Business Loop I-80 west into Sacramento. This guide sign was a replacement for a non reflective sign. 07/10/18
The ramp separation lies just west of a concrete stub leftover from the unbuilt westbound lanes of the SR 244 that would have spanned Auburn Boulevard. 07/10/18
The ackward transition onto the freeway mainline from SR 244 results in three through lanes for I-80 west around the north side of Sacramento. A flyover departs for Business Loop I-80 (Capital City Freeway) southwest and a grade level ramp for I-80 northeast to Roseville, Auburn and the Sierra Nevada. 07/10/18
The previous set of overheads on SR 244 west at the systems interchange with Interstate 80 and Business Loop I-80. 01/20/03
Following the ramps from SR 244 west to Business Loop I-80 & SR 51 (Capital City Freeway) west and Interstate 80 east. The Capital City Freeway loops southwest toward Downtown, reconnecting with I-80 at West Sacramento. 07/10/18

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  • 09/16/00 by Joe Rouse.
  • 01/20/03 by AARoads.
  • 07/10/18 by AARoads.

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