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County Road 97 starts in the suburban Pine Forest community and branches northwest from CR 297 to an overlap with CR 184 (Muscogee Road) west of Cantonment. Shifting more westward from there, the 20.59-mile long county road mirrors the course of the Perdido River to an end at CR 196 (Barrineau Park Road).

County Road 97 north
County Road 97 veers west from County Road 297A after its crossing over Eleven Mile Creek. The first pentagon for the route appears ahead of the Bristol Woods subdivision. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Kingsfield Road (CR 186) crossed County Road 97 ahead of this northbound shield assembly. The intersection was expanded with right and left turn lanes in all directions by 2011. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Another expansion project undertaken after 2006 added partial shoulders to County Road 97 leading to the junction with County Road 184 (Muscogee Road). Photo taken 02/02/06.
Turn lanes were added in all directions at the east end of the short overlap between CR 97 north & 184 west along Muscogee Road. CR 184 otherwise continues east to U.S. 29 at Cantonment and west to become Baldwin County Road 112 en route to Bay Minette, Alabama. Photo taken 06/05/06.
County Road 97 immediately curves northwest from CR 184 (Muscogee Road), taking Jack's Branch Road toward the Perdido River. Photo taken 02/02/06.
County Road 97 south
County Road 97 south splits from County Road 196 (Barrineau Park Road) east for Jack's Branch Road. The initial drive along CR 97 lines the Perdido River Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Crossing Churchhouse Creek along Escambia County Road 97 south. Photo taken 02/01/06.
6.2 miles further south, Jack's Branch Road defaults onto County Road 184 (Muscogee Road) east near the community of Farm Hill. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Muscogee Road carries County Road 184 west to Muscogee and Baldwin County, Alabama as County Road 112 (Old Pensacola Road). County Road 97 south shares pavement with CR 184 east briefly before resuming a southward course to Pine Forest. Photo taken 07/24/11.
This pentagon including Highway Gothic Series B for County Road 97 was posted south of the split with Muscogee Road (CR 184). It was replaced as part of an intersection expansion project. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Heading south from the west end of County Road 186 and Kingsfield Road, drivers passed by this shield assembly. All of CR 97 between Muscogee Road and Sandicrest Drive was expanded to include partial shoulders by 2011. Associated work included the addition of turn lanes in all directions at Kingsfield Road. Photo taken 03/20/09.
The final approach to County Road 297A sees County Road 97 turn east along side a pair of subdivisions. Photo taken 03/20/09.
A flasher hangs above the south end of County Road 97. CR 297A arcs southeast to end at CR 297, just north of its transition to SR 297 at U.S. 90 (Nine Mile Road) and Pine Forest. CR 297A north leads back to Cantonment. Photo taken 02/02/06.

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