County Road 2301 is a rural highway traveling 9.997 miles north from U.S. 231 at Bayou George to County Road 388 at Bennett. County Road 2301 replaced what was the middle branch of Florida Secondary 167.

County Road 2301 north
County Road 2301 bee lines north through Bayou George. The first shield stands just beyond U.S. 231. 09/23/09
County Road 2301 south
Blue Springs Road ties into the intersection of CR 388 (Bennett Road) and CR 2301 south at the rural settlement of Bennet. The first shield for southbound CR 2301 follows. 06/20/09
County Road 2301 heads 5.5 miles south from Cherokee Landing at Bear Creek to an unmarked intersection with U.S. 231 at Bayou George. 09/23/09

Photo Credits:

    06/20/09 by AARoads. 09/23/09 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.

Connect with:
U.S. 231
State Road 388 / County Road 388

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