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County Road 3030 lines North Lagoon Drive between CR 392 (Thomas Drive) in Panama City Beach and CR 3031 (Thomas Drive) near Bay Point at coastal Bay County. Passing through residential areas along the north side of Grand Lagoon, the county 3030 measures 3.336 miles in length. The CR 3030 designation replaced Florida Secondary 392A.

County Road 3030 east
County Road 3030 (North Lagoon Drive) branches southeast from CR 392 (Thomas Drive) between northern reaches of Grand Lagoon and Signal Hill Golf Course. 09/23/09
North Lagoon Drive east at Joan Avenue. Joan Avenue provides a direct route south from SR 30 (Front Beach Road) to CR 392 (Thomas Drive) at Gulf Lagoon Beach. Joan Avenue was formerly the southern branch of County Road 30B as well. 09/23/09
County Road 3030 ends at Thomas Drive (CR 3031). CR 3031 extends north from CR 392 at Lower Grand Lagoon to U.S. 98 near the Hathaway Bridge. North Lagoon Drive continues east to a marina and neighborhood. 09/23/09
County Road 3030 west
North Lagoon Drive runs alongside Signal Hill Golf Course west from Joan Avenue to Thomas Drive (County Road 392). 09/23/09
County Road 392 (Thomas Drive) arcs northwest from Gulf Lagoon Beach and South Thomas Drive (old Florida Secondary 745) to SR 30 (Front Beach Road) at SR 392 (Hutchison Boulevard) in Panama City Beach. 09/23/09
County Road 3030 scenes
Joan Avenue (old County Road 30B) north at North Lagoon Drive (County Road 3030). 09/23/09

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