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The westernmost of three County Road 578 segments, Hernando County Road 578 bee lines east 10.82 miles from U.S. 19 (Commercial Way) to U.S. 41 (Broad Street) along the Pasco / Hernando County line. Most of the route remains a rural-type two lane roadway. Suburban development from Spring Hill lines several stretches of the road to the north however, and portions of County Line Road were expanded to urban arterial standards as a result.

A second segment of Hernando County 578 zigzagged east from U.S. 41 at Masaryktown along a combination of Wilson Boulevard, Benes Road, Benes Roush Road and Philips Roads to CR 576 (Ayers Road). The eastern portion of this alignment is unpaved.

The other sections of County Road 578 serve Dade City. The eastern leg follows Lock Street between CR 41 (Blanton Road) and U.S. 98/401. The western portion lines St. Joe Road west from CR 41 (21st Street) to CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) near Darby.

County Road 578 East
Waterfall Drive meanders north from County Line Road to Spring Hill Drive (CR 574) and Lake Theresa ahead of this eastbound shield assembly. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 587 begins at the intersection of County Line Road and Shady Hills Road north from Pasco County. The county road lines Mariner Boulevard north 7.9 miles to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard). Photo taken 02/15/14.
Hernando County Road 587 doubles as a truck route north through Spring Hill, carrying four lanes along an arterial. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 578 (County Line Road) expands to four lanes for the second time ahead of both County Road 585 (Anderson Snow Road) north and the Suncoast Parkway. CR 585 stems north from CR 578, 7.09 miles to SR 50. Photo taken 02/15/14.
A short distance east of CR 585 is a diamond interchange joining County Line Road with SR 589. Photo taken 02/15/14.
East from the Suncoast Parkway, County Line Road quickly reduces back to a two-lane rural highway to Masaryktown. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 578 West
The first westbound shield for County Road 578 accompanies as U.S. 19 trailblazer as County Line Road leaves Masaryktown toward Spring Hill. Photo taken 02/09/14.
County Line Road expands into a four-lane divided highway from Trillium Boulevard west through a diamond interchange with SR 589 Toll (Suncoast Parkway). Photo taken 02/09/14.
Drivers joining the Suncoast Parkway northbound reach SR 50 west of Brooksville in 7.2 miles. Photo taken 02/09/14.
SR 589 north concludes in 18 miles at a half diamond interchange with U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard). Photo taken 02/09/14.
Traveling south from County Line Road, the Suncoast Parkway enters a semi-rural swath of northern Pasco County to SR 52. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Suncoast Parkway south ends by Tampa International Airport (TPA) in 37 miles. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Continuing west, County Road 578 (County Line Road) approaches a new retail area at Anderson Snow Road. A trailblazer here reflects Bayfront Health Spring Hill hospital, 3.5 miles to the west. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 585 (Anderson Snow Road) parallels the Suncoast Parkway northward 7.09 miles to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) through eastern reaches of Spring Hill. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Line Road tapers back down to two lanes west from the Shoppes at Avalon and CR 585 south end. Photo taken 02/15/14.
A reassurance shield for CR 578 west appears after Sparks Road. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Beyond the aforementioned hospital, County Line Road approaches Shady Hills Road south and Mariner Boulevard north. The intersection represents the south end of County Road 587, a 7.9-mile route north to SR 50. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Mariner Boulevard (Hernando County Road 587) represents the main north-south arterial through Spring Hill. The four-lane roadway varies between commercial frontage and stretches where residential driveways tie in. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Line Road narrows again west from County Road 587 through an area lined with industrial parks and nurseries. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Traveling west from Waterfall Drive north into Spring Hill and Winding Oaks Boulevard south, drivers see this reassurance marker. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Cobblestone Drive extends north from East Road and County Road 578 to link County Line Road with Spring Hill Drive (SR 574), the main east-west arterial through Spring Hill. Photo taken 02/15/14.
A traffic light governs the movements between CR 578 and Dartmouth Avenue north and Grand Club Drive south. County Line Road expanded to urban arterial standards ahead of Cobblestone Drive. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 578 ends at U.S. 19 (Commercial Way), east of Travel Park Drive. U.S. 19 enters Hernando County from Port Richey and Hudson in Pasco County. Photo taken 02/15/14.
U.S. 19 angles northeast from County Line Road along the west side of Spring Hill to the city of Weeki Wachee. Known as Commercial Way, the four-lane divided highway sees a number of shopping centers to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard). Photo taken 02/15/14.

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