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Yolo County Route E-8 travels north-south between Interstate 80 in Davis and California State Route 113 near Knights Landing.

The first reassurance shield for Yolo County E-8 south stands along Road 102 just west of Knights Landing and separation from SR 113. 01/15/06
Yolo County E-8 bee lines south across rural farmland to Cache Creek. 01/15/06
Road 102 intersects Beamer Street in an industrial park area on the northeast side of Woodland. 01/15/06
Yolo County E-8 fully enters the city of Woodland at Main Street. Seat of Yolo County, 55,468 lived in Woodland at the time of the 2010 Census. 01/15/06
The next signalized intersection along Yolo County E-8 (Road 102) south is with Main Street. Main Street heads west into Downtown Woodland (via Business Loop I-5). 01/15/06
CR E-8 (Road 102) expands into a four lane arterial to a six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 5. 01/15/06
A loop ramp departs from Road 102 south for I-5 (West Side Freeway) as it leads east to Sacramento. 01/15/06
CR E-8 runs along the east side of a residential area from I-5 to Gibson Road. The county road remains along Road 102 en route to Davis. 01/15/06
Yolo County E-8 south
Reassurance marker for Yolo County E-8 posted along Pole Line Road at Davis. 09/06/00
Trailblazer for CR E-8 at Pole Line Road. 09/06/00

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