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CTH-E follows Ballard Road north from CTH-OO (Northland Avenue) to Applecreek Road as part of a two-county road between Appleton and Hobart. County E previously began at Wis 96 (Wisconsin Avenue) in Appleton, but was later decommissioned south of County OO. The Ballard Road section between Wisconsin Avenue and Interstate 41 in Appleton was historically a part of U.S. 41 Business, which looped southwest to Downtown via Wis 96, Wis 47 and Wis 125.

County E north
Ballard Road north at Glendale Avenue and Northeast Business Park. Glendale Avenue is a east west collector roadway that provides access to an industrial park to the right. This section of Ballard Road was County E previously, but was turned over to the City of Appleton. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Ballard Road travels another half mile north to intersect County OO (Northland Avenue). County OO cuts across the northern Fox Cities as a mostly four lane corridor. Photo taken 04/25/16.
County E begins after County OO (Northland Avenue) and this is the first reassurance sign. Photo taken 04/25/16.
County E has a five lane cross section with residential and light commercial along the road. This scene looks north by Witzke Boulevard, the main access road to Appleton Memorial Park. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Capitol Drive intersects CTH-E (Ballard Road) just south of I-41. The road serves an industrial park to the east and several subdivisions to the west. Photo taken 04/25/16.
A landscaped median separates traffic on CTH-E as Ballard Road approaches Interstate 41. Business U.S. 41 ended here until the route was removed in 2004. Photo taken 04/25/16.
County E intersects I-41 at a diamond interchange. Interstate 41 was signed in 2015 over U.S. 41 to link the Fox Cities with Green Bay to the north and Oshkosh, Fond du Lac and Milwaukee to the south. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Evergreen Drive parallels I-41 to the north from CTH-E (Ballard Road) east to CTH-CC (Rose Hill Road). Several new businesses are locating along the roadway. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Thrivent Financial is Appleton's largest employer with its headquarters to the west of County E at Milestone Drive. Photo taken 04/25/16.
County JJ (Edgewood Drive) was mainly a rural roadway but as development continues north, has become more suburban. The trunk highway bee lines west to County A at Grand Chute and east to Wis 96 near Wrightstown. Photo taken 04/25/16.
County E becomes a two lane rural roadway after County JJ. New subdivisions continue to be built along the highway. Photo taken 04/25/16.
County E turns northeast onto Applecreek Road towards Freedom and Hobart. County EE continues Ballard Road north to leave the Appleton city limits en route to Five Corners. There the route turns east towards De Pere, intersecting County E again within Oneida Indian Reservation. Photo taken 04/25/16.

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