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With origins in 1873, the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach extends for one mile along the Atlantic Oceanfront. The city business district stretches west from the Boardwalk along Rehoboth Avenue (SR 1A west of Bayard Avenue). Photo taken 06/18/12.

SR 1A comprises a short loop east from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) through Rehoboth Beach in Sussex County. The east-west leg along Rehoboth Avenue provides the main access route to the Rehoboth Beach oceanfront and the nearby community of Henlopen Acres from SR 1 to the west. The north-south leg follows Bayard Avenue from Downtown Rehoboth Beach to Silver Lake. The route passes through the unincorporated Silver Lake Shores community before returning to SR 1 in the town of Dewey Beach.

The angled of the intersection between SR 1A and SR 1 (Coastal Highway) defaults motorists from Rehoboth Avenue westbound onto Coastal Highway northbound. Rehoboth Avenue Extension spurs northwest from there along side SR 1 to Sea Blossom Boulevard, where drivers headed for Coastal Highway south can turn toward Dewey Beach. The service road is also considered apart of SR 1A.

Delaware State Route 1A - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 5,884 - SR 1 to north Dewey Beach limits
  • 9,708 - south Rehoboth Beach limits to Rehoboth Avenue
  • 24,777 - west Rehoboth Beach limits to Road 15A
  • 3,384 - Rehoboth Avenue Extension

Former State Route 14A

Prior to the 1974 redesignation of Delaware State Route 14 north from the Maryland state line to Milford as SR 1, SR 1A was numbered as SR 14A. The route followed the same alignment as SR 1A does today.

1970s map of Dewey and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
SR 14 and SR 14A through the Dewey and Rehoboth Beach areas.
Delaware State Route 1A North
Rehoboth Boulevard constitutes a four-lane divided boulevard with on-street parking from the Boardwalk west to SR 1B (State Road). Motorists leaving Rehoboth Beach and headed to SR 1 south are advised to use State Road at the forthcoming intersection. 01/16/17
A lane drop occurs west of the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal bridge along SR 1A (Rehoboth Boulevard) north, so motorists headed to SR 1 (Coastal Highway) north to Midway and Five Points are directed to move right ahead of SR 1B. 01/16/17
SR 1B is unmarked as it begins from Rehoboth Boulevard south along State Road. The short connector leads to ramps with both SR 1 north and south by its bridge across the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. 01/16/17
SR 1A (Rehoboth Boulevard) proceeds west from SR 1B to a roundabout with Grove Street south and Columbia Avenue north. 01/16/17
Grove Street angles southeast to the Country Club Estates neighborhood beyond SR 1B (State Road) while Columbia Avenue connects with the Henlopen Acres community. 01/16/17
SR 1A (Rehoboth Boulevard) crosses the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal and leaves the city of Rehoboth Beach. 01/16/17
A single leaf bascule bridge spans the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. The waterway links Rehoboth Bay by Thompson Island to the south with Delaware Bay at Roosevelt Inlet to the north. 01/16/17
Continuing west, SR 1A narrows to two lanes beyond the upcoming intersection with Church Street. 01/16/17
Reassurance marker for SR 1A north posted between the Edgewater Park and Washington Heights town home communities. 01/16/17
Church Street angles southwest across SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) to SR 1 (Coastal Highway) northbound. 01/16/17
An end shield precedes the SR 1A northbound split with Rehoboth Avenue Extension and SR 1 (Coastal Highway). 01/16/17
2 photos
2 photos
Rehoboth Avenue Extension provides access to Hebron Road north in addition to completing the movement for SR 1 south. 01/16/17
The SR 1A northbound mainline defaults onto SR 1 (Coastal Highway) north to Midway, Five Points and Milford. 01/16/17
Rehoboth Avenue Extension carries two-way traffic from Hebron Road west to Sea Blossom Boulevard as a frontage road to SR 1. 01/16/17
Rehoboth Avenue Extension ends at Sea Blossom Boulevard between adjacent SR 1 and the Rehoboth Crossing community. 01/16/17
The unsigned branch of SR 1A concludes at SR 1 (Coastal Highway) opposite Shuttle Road. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 1A South
The first confirming marker for SR 1A south stands just east of SR 1. 06/18/12
A second shield for SR 1A appears along the commercial strip of Rehoboth Avenue between Coastal Highway and Church Street. 06/18/12
Church Street angles northeast across SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) from SR 1 to Canal Crossing Road and the Edgewater Park gated community. 06/18/12
Still within unincorporated Sussex County, SR 1A remains well signed to the Rehoboth Beach city line. 06/18/12
SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) passes between several townhome communities east of Church Street. Another reassurance marker appears at Atlantic Avenue. 06/18/12
Motorists along SR 1A south cross Lewes & Rehoboth Canal into Rehoboth Beach. The three-lane wide bascule bridge was built in 1986. 06/18/12
Rehoboth Avenue expands into a four-lane, landscaped boulevard just east of the canal. A roundabout funnels traffic to Grove Street south and Columbia Avenue north into adjacent residential areas. 06/18/12
SR 1B ties into SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) at an unmarked intersection with State Road south and 5th Street east just prior to this scene. SR 1B provides a direct route into Rehoboth Beach from the south. 06/18/12
The turn of SR 1A from Rehoboth Avenue east to Bayard Avenue south is unsigned. Rehoboth Avenue continues another third of a mile to the Boardwalk otherwise. 06/18/12
Bayard Avenue bisects the residential street grid of Rehoboth Beach south to Silver Lake. The first south SR 1A shield in Rehoboth Beach is this trailblazer at Rodney Street. 06/18/12
SR 1A south leaves the Rehoboth Beach city limits at Silver Lake. The bridge across Silver Lake uses wooden spans to support the road deck. The crossing dates back to 1938, and was rehabilitated in 1995. 06/18/12
Robinsons Drive angles southwest from Silver Lake Drive to Coastal Highway by this trailblazer directing motorists southward along SR 1A to reach the state route at Dewey Beach. 06/18/12
Silver Lake Drive wraps around the west side of Silver Lake to a point just north of Dewey Beach. SR 1A transitions to King Charles Avenue through the town. 06/18/12
King Charles Avenue leads SR 1A south from Silver Lake Shores to SR 1 (Coastal Highway) in Dewey Beach. The route ends at a wye intersection where SR 1 turns south toward Delaware Seashore State Park. 06/18/12
Delaware State Route 1A scenes
Rehoboth Avenue intersects 1st Avenue midway between the turn of SR 1A (Bayard Avenue) and the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. Left turns are prohibited here, with motorists directed ahead to U-turn for 1st Avenue north to Henlopen Acres. 06/18/12
On-street parking lines both sides of Rehoboth Avenue on the portion east of SR 1A. This scene looks west ahead of 2nd Street. 06/18/12
J-turns provide north and southbound access from Rehoboth Avenue to 2nd Street and Bayard Avenue (SR 1A) respectively. 06/18/12

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