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SR 202 comprises a short urban route through northeast Wilmington. Concord Avenue leads SR 202 north with two lanes from U.S. 13 Business (Market Street) and Vandever Avenue in the Brandywine Village community to Baynard Boulevard. North from Baynard Boulevard, a historic alignment of U.S. 202, Concord Avenue expands into a four lane boulevard to Concord Pike and the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 and U.S. 202. The one mile long alignment is poorly signed in the city, with no acknowledgment on U.S. 13 Business.

SR 202 was commissioned in 1984 in place of the vacated U.S. 202 through the Triangle and Southeast 9th Ward neighborhoods in north Wilmington. U.S. 202 previously followed Concord Avenue south to end at U.S. 13 Business (Market Street). The US route was then extended west along I-95 to SR 141 (Basin Road), and south along Basin Road to end at U.S. 13/40 (Dupont Highway).

The Blue Ball projects along U.S. 202 between Interstate 95 and SR 261 (Foulk Road) included the redesign of the interchange with Concord Pike north and Concord Avenue (SR 202) south. The loop ramp from I-95 south to SR 202 south was removed to accommodate a new wider entrance ramp from U.S. 202 south to I-95 south. The existing off-ramp from I-95 south to U.S. 202 north was expanded to include a left turn for Concord Avenue. Construction on the $33 million project wrapped up on August 7, 2015.

Delaware State Route 202 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 7,167 - U.S. 13 Business to Washington Street
  • 6,833 - Washington Street to Baynard Boulevard
  • 9,942 - Baynard Boulevard to Broom Street
  • 25,331 - Broom Street to north Wilmington limits
Delaware State Route 202 North
Vandever Avenue angles northwest from U.S. 13 (Northeast Boulevard) to Brandywine Village in Wilmington. Forming a minor collector route, Vandever Avenue ties into the south end of SR 202 (Concord Avenue) at U.S. 13 Business (Market Street). Neither route is marked from the avenue westbound. 08/07/04
Concord Avenue cuts a northern swath across the Southeast 9th and 9th Ward street grid to the Wilmington city line. The state route intersects Tatnall Street one block from U.S. 13 Business (Market Street). 12/20/17
The lone confirming marker posted for SR 202 north stands just beyond Tatnall Street in the Brandywine Village neighborhood. 12/20/17
This original marker for SR 202 at Tatnall Street was replaced by 2017. 09/27/14
West Street crosses Concord Avenue (SR 202) by West 22nd Street. 12/20/17
Washington Street, the former alignment of SR 4, extends northeast from Brandywine Creek to Northwest Wilmington and Brandywine Hills. 09/27/14
Continuing north from the Brandywine Village community, Concord Avenue (SR 202) intersects Jefferson Street. 12/20/17
SR 202 (Concord Avenue) north at Madison Street in the Baynard Village neighborhood of Wilmington. 12/20/17
Van Buren Street intersects Concord Avenue at the succeeding northbound traffic light in Baynard Village. 12/20/17
Baynard Avenue angles northeast from the Washington Street Bridge over Brandywine Creek through the Triangle Neighborhood and a six-way intersection with Concord Avenue at 25th and Harrison Streets. 09/27/14
Concord Avenue expands to four lanes from Baynard Boulevard (old U.S. 202) north to Broom Street. Broom Street parallels the city line southwest to 18th Street and Brandywine Park and northeast to Haynes Park and Miller Road. 12/20/16
SR 202 gains 100 feet in elevation from the CSX Railroad overpass through the adjacent cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 and U.S. 202. Departing next is the northbound on-ramp to Arden, Claymon, Chester and Philadelphia. 12/19/22
A signalized intersection was created in 2004 for the northbound off-ramp to SR 202 (Concord Avenue) south. A channelized turn lane leads south to Broom Street east while northbound traffic on the transition to Concord Pike continues uninterrupted. 12/19/22
A loop ramp connects SR 202 (Concord Pike) with I-95 south to the Delaware Memorial Bridge (via I-295) and Baltimore. 12/19/22
Delaware State Route 202 South
SR 202 overtakes the south end of Concord Pike as U.S. 202 departs to combine with Interstate 95 south toward Newport. A loop ramp follows for Interstate 95 north to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 12/21/16
An end U.S. 202 and begin SR 202 shield array was erected along Concord Pike south at the exchange with I-95 in 2001. The assembly is not entirely accurate in that the official southern terminus of U.S. 202 remains located at the junction of SR 141 (Basin Road) with U.S. 13/40 (Dupont Highway) at Basins Corner. 12/20/16
A traffic light controls the southbound turn of traffic from I-95/U.S. 202 north into a channelized turn lane for forthcoming Broom Street east. Broom Street constitutes a busy commuter street east to Miller Road during peak hours. 12/20/16
Broom Street connects SR 202 (Concord Avenue) with Baynard Stadium and Brandywine Park to the southwest and Miller Road north to the Brandywine Hills community of northeast Wilmington. 12/19/22
Concord Avenue enters a six point intersection with Baynard Boulevard, Harrison Street and 25th Street between the Triangle and 9th Ward Area communities. 09/27/14
SR 202 shield posted south at Baynard Boulevard. Baynard Boulevard represents the former alignment of U.S. 202 leading south to Washington Street and Midtown Brandywine. 09/27/14
Van Buren Street branches east from Baynard Boulevard and meets SR 202 (Concord Avenue) at the succeeding intersection. 09/27/14
Madison Street flows southwest from the 9th Ward Area to intersect Concord Avenue three blocks from its end at 21st Street. A separate section of Madison Street lies south of Brandywine Creek. 09/27/14
SR 202 (Concord Avenue) cuts across the Southeast 9th Ward street grid, resulting in angled intersections with side streets such as Jefferson and 23rd Streets here. 09/27/14
Washington Street branches northeast from Baynard Boulevard as an old alignment for SR 4 to Harlan and Brandywine Hills. Washington Street constitutes a through and truck route north to SR 3 (Marsh Road) and U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) near Bellefonte. 12/20/17
Concord Avenue intersects West Street adjacent to West 22nd Street at the next southbound traffic light. 12/20/17
Southbound SR 202 reaches its final block at the intersection with Tatnall Street. Tatnall Street flows northbound only from West 18th Street to West 31st Street at Riverview Cemetery, and again from West 33rd Street to Lea Boulevard at Harlan. 12/20/17
Concord Avenue and SR 202 end at U.S. 13 Business (Market Street) across from Vandever Avenue in the Brandywine Village community. The lone shield for U.S. 13 Business disappeared by 2004 and remains missing through 2018. 12/20/17
Market Street leads U.S. 13 Business northeast to Prices Run and Eastlawn and south across Brandywine Creek to King Street and Downtown. Vandever Avenue extends east as a local truck route to U.S. 13 (Northeast Boulevard). 09/27/14
Delaware State Route 202 scenes
Madison Street west at Concord Avenue (SR 202). 12/20/17

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