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State Road 294 consists of just a short stretch of Chief's Way, a former alignment of U.S. 98 between New Warrington Road and Navy Boulevard. This stretch of roadway was bypassed by a realignment of Navy Boulevard to the southeast, but remains in the state road system due to its connection with SR 295 and the main gate to Corry Field.

SR 294 originally traveled all of Navy Boulevard east from SR 295 and West Pensacola into the city of Pensacola. The route would later double as the hidden counterpart to U.S. 98 when the route shifted from its Lillian Highway alignment south from Millview to West Pensacola. This stretch was eventually renumbered as an extension of State Road 30.

Florida State Road 294 East
One shield is posted in each direction of SR 294. This sign resides just east of SR 295 (New Warrington Road). 11/17/12
Midway between the endpoints of Chief's Way, SR 294 intersects Old Corry Field Road. The former alignment of SR 295 travels between SR 292 (Barrancas Avenue) at Warrington and SR 295 (New Warrington Road) at West Pensacola. Old Corry Field Road doubles as County Road 295A, though signs are only posted for the designation at U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard). 11/17/12
Just east of Old Corry Field Road is the SR 294 conclusion at U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard). Traffic turning to the left will enter the city limits of Pensacola at the Navy Boulevard crossing of Bayou Chico in 0.9 miles. 11/17/12
Florida State Road 294 West
A westbound SR 294 reassurance shield resides on the short stretch of Chief's Way between Navy Boulevard (U.S. 98) and Escambia County Road 295A (Old Corry Field Road). 11/17/12
Chief's Way west enters the signalized intersection with Old Corry Field Road. 11/17/12
SR 294 quickly ends at SR 295 (New Warrington Road). SR 295 splits with U.S. 98 nearby for New Warrington Road northward to U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) at West Pensacola. Chief's Way west continues to Flynn Drive, Prieto Drive and the Center for Information Dominance Corry Station. 12/21/03

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U.S. 98
State Road 295

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