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Fort Bend Parkway is a 9.93 mile commuter route branching south from U.S. 90 Alternate in southwest Houston to SH 6 and Sienna Parkway in Missouri City. The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority (FBCTRA) operates the southern two thirds of the limited access highway extending west from Beltway 8. The Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) maintains the remainder of the four-lane parkway north to U.S. 90 Alternate. Four plazas along the route use all electronic toll (AET) collection, requiring motorists to have a qualifying transponder (TxTag, EZ-Tag, TollTag, etc.).1

The FBCTRA completed Fort Bend Parkway from SH 6 north to Beltway 8 on August 31, 2004. FBCTRA commenced work on the extension west from from SH 6 to Sienna Parkway in 2013. The Fort Bend Parkway main line overpasses across SH 6 opened to traffic in 2017.2

Fort Bend Parkway North
A split diamond interchange connects Fort Bend Parkway with both SH 6 and Trammel-Fresno Road. 08/08/06
The toll road previously began just north of Trammel-Fresno Road. The four lane mainline was added through the wide grassy median pictured here. 08/08/06
Bendng westward, Fort Bend Parkway next approaches a diamond interchange with Lake Olympia Parkway. 08/08/06
A confirming marker for Fort Bend Parkway stands just ahead of Lake Olympia Parkway. 08/08/06
Lake Olympia Parkway winds east from SH 6 by a number of housing developments to a stub end at Fort Bend Parkway. 08/08/06
Fort Bend Parkway straddles the east Missouri City line across Mustang Bayou on the one mile approach to FM 2234 (Mc Hard Road). 08/08/06
FM (UR) 2234 begins at US 90A in Stafford and travels 11.60 miles south and east to SH 288. 08/08/06
Northbound Fort Bend Parkway at the diamond interchange with FM 2234 (Mc Hard Road). 08/08/06
Continuing north, the succeeding exit on Fort Bend Parkway lies one mile ahead at Fondren Road. 08/08/06
The FBCTRA eliminated cash toll collection in July 2008. The main line toll plaza in Fort Bend County was subsequently removed and replaced with an AET gantry. 08/08/06
Fondren Road arcs north from a half diamond interchange with Fort Bend Parkway and runs along the Houston and Missouri City line to a number of subdivisions and industrial parks. 08/08/06
Spanning Fuqua Street, one mile south of Beltway 8 and the Sam Houston Tollway. 08/08/06
A sound wall separates Fort Bend Parkway from subdivisions abutting the freeway right of way. Hillcroft Avenue forms a frontage road along the west side of the toll road. The forthcoming interchange with Beltway 8/Sam Houston Tollway is three levels, with frontage roads connecting the two toll roads. 08/08/06
The main toll collection point beyond Beltway 8 only accepts coins or EZ Tag. HCTRA did not install bill changers at the plaza, and there are no staffed tollbooths. 08/08/06
Northbound at the off-ramp for Beltway 8 / Sam Houston Tollway. The beltway encircles the city of Houston a fair distance outside of Loop 610, passing through Pasadena to the southeast. The main lanes are tolled while the frontage road system (Beltway 8) is free. 08/08/06
Just before crossing Beltway 8, the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road enters Harris County. Here control of the road passes from Fort Bend Toll Road Authority to HCTRA. 08/08/06
The HCTRA Toll Plaza is six lanes wide with two high-speed EZ Tag lanes per direction. 08/08/06
Fort Bend Parkway elevates through an S-curve over a levee and drainage ditch as it continues to U.S. 90 Alternate (South Main Street). 08/08/06
A high speed flyover provides a free flow movement from Fort Bend Parkway north to U.S. 90 Alternate (South Main Street) east. U.S. 90 Alternate travels northeast along an expressway toward IH 610. 08/08/06
An at-grade connection joins the Fort Bend Parkway north end with Chimney Rock Road and its on-ramp to U.S. 90 Alternate west. 08/08/06
The direct ramp to US 90A eastbound opened in late 2005. Future plans include extension of the toll road north to meet IH 610 at Post Oak Road. 08/08/06

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