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Business Loop I-5 follows 5th Street (old U.S. 99W) along a 0.9 mile course north from a half diamond interchange (Exit 566) with Hillgate Road through the Arbuckle city center. The route north concludes at a diamond interchange (Exit 567) and access road linking Interstate 5 with 5th Street and Putnam Way.

Business Loop I-5 North
A trailblazer takes the place of the first northbound reassurance marker for Business Loop I-5 along Fifth Street (old U.S. 99W) north at Eddy Street. 03/31/05
The lone shield for Business Loop I-5 along Fifth Street north in Arbuckle was posted ahead of Hall Street. The assembly was removed by 2007. 03/31/05
Fifth Street shifts eastward ahead of Gail Avenue and Laurel Street on the final approach to Interstate 5. A southbound business loop shield was posted here, but taken down by 2012. 03/31/05

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