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Interstate 55 North Interstate 070 U.S. 40 East
I-55 north and I-70 east combine a half mile ahead of directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 4) with Illinois 203 north at the city of Madison. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Lowering from a viaduct over several railroads including the CSX, I-55/70 north sees a lane drop at Exit 4 for IL 203. IL 203 travels 9.7 miles north from adjacent Collinsville Road (old U.S. 40/66) to I-270 at Granite City. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Two lanes lower to pass under I-55/70 and join the left side of IL 203 north at Gateway Motorsports Park. Collinsville Road (former U.S. 40/66) continues east from the south end of IL 203 to unincorporated Fairmont City. IL 203 replaced U.S. 67 Alternate northward into Madison Photo taken 05/24/18.
I-55/70 & U.S. 40 east pass by a landfill and wetlands associated with Old Cahokia Creek through the Fairmont City limits. A future alignment of Interstate 70 will tie into I-55/U.S. 40 along this stretch. This segment was postponed due to funding from the original Mississippi River Bridge project. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Long distance travelers leaving St. Louis will reach Chicago in 286 miles via I-55 north and Indianapolis in 235 miles along I-70 east. Photo taken 05/07/18.
IL 111 dog legs along Collinsville Road from Kingshighway west to a four-lane alignment leading to I-55/70. The state route meets the freeway at a diamond interchange (Exit 6) on the north side of Fairmont City. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Curving eastward, I-55/70 & U.S. 40 east enter Madison County while paralleling Cahokia Canal. Photo taken 04/05/13.
One half mile out from Exit 6 to IL 111. IL 111 travels 78 miles overall between Centreville and Waverly. Locally the route connects Fairmont City with Washington Park and adjacent Horseshoe Lake State Park. Photo taken 05/07/18.
IL 111 carries the Great River Road away from I-55 north and I-70 east to Pontoon Beach and I-270 west. The touring route joins IL 3 north from Granite City to Wood River. Photo taken 04/05/13.
Exit 6 departs I-55 north & I-70/U.S. 40 east for IL 111 at Fairmont City. The state route ventures north from Pontoon Beach to west Edwardsville, Roxana and Wood River. IL 111 was vastly replaced in importance by the IL 255 freeway north to Alton. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Drivers along I-55/70 east see the first sign for the upcoming cloverstack interchange (Exit 10) with Interstate 255 ahead of the Alton Southern Railroad underpass. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Reassurance markers posted as the freeway lines Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site west of Sand Prairie Road. Photo taken 04/05/13.
Next in line for eastbound motorists is the wye interchange (Exit 9) with Black Lane (Fairmont Avenue) south to the State Park Place community. Photo taken 04/05/13.
Travelers bound for Fairmount Park Race Track are directed east to Interstate 255 south for its interchange with Collinsville Road (old U.S. 40/66). The horse racing facility lies just west of I-255 and east of State Park Place. Photo taken 04/05/13.
Interstate 255 forms the eastern third of the St. Louis beltway system, measuring 30.82 miles from Interstate 270 at Pontoon Beach to the north, and I-55 and I-270 at Mehlville, Missouri to the southwest. The majority of the commuter route is rural in nature, traversing the American Bottoms low lying area east of the Mississippi River. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Forthcoming Interstate 255 south serves Cahokia Mounds Historic Site (located along Collinsville Road west of State Park Place). Interstate 255 south also leads to Our Lady of Snows Shrine (located east of Exit 17A along IL 15 at Belleville). Photo taken 04/05/13.
Black Lane (Fairmont Avenue) becomes County Road P64 south from Collinsville Road to Bunkum Road (County Road H56) in the city of Caseyville. Photo taken 04/05/13.
Eastbound at Exit 9 for Black Lane (Fairmont Avenue) south. Fairmont Avenue carries four lanes to Collinsville Road and County Road P64 (Black Lane). No trailblazers for I-55/70 appear along the route, hinting that the exit is for local traffic only. Photo taken 04/05/13.
Interstate 255 crosses paths with I-55/70 northeast of Fairmount Park en route to Pontoon Beach, I-270 and IL 255 near Edwardsville. The IL 255 freeway extends the route north to Godfrey as the first leg of a long distance route to the Quad Cities (via U.S. 67). Photo taken 05/07/18.
The control cities for Interstate 255 use Memphis for the connection with I-55 south in Missouri and Interstate 270 for the northern terminus. The use of text in place of a shield for I-270 is somewhat unusual, though since the I-255 designation concludes there, that is the IDOT standard. Another example is where I-24 west from Kentucky uses Interstate 57 in text as its control point. Photo taken 05/07/18.
All traffic leaves I-55/70-U.S. 40 east in unison for Interstate 255 north to Wood River, Alton and Godfrey (via the 2013-completed IL 255 freeway) and south to Cahokia, Dupo and Columbia. Photo taken 04/05/13.
Advancing northeast through Collinsville, the third northbound lane on I-55/70 drops at Exit 11. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Illinois 157 runs along the bluff line rising east of American Bottoms southwest through Caseyville to Illinois 13 at Centreville and northeast to Glen Carbon and Edwardsville. Photo taken 05/07/18.
I-55/70 & U.S. 40 gradually gain elevation east from the folded diamond interchange (Exit 11) with IL 157. The freeway spans Beltline Road (historic historic U.S. 40 & 66) ahead of the Meadow Heights community. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Trending eastward, I-55/70 & U.S. 40 travel between Collinsville and Maryville on the three mile drive to IL 159 (Exit 15). Photo taken 05/07/18.
Illinois 159 heads north through Belleville, Swansea and Fairview Heights to cross the Madison County at Collinsville. The four to five-lane boulevard follows Vandalia Street from Downtown to I-55/70. Photo taken 05/07/18.
A cloverleaf interchange joins I-55/70 & U.S. 40 with IL 159 (Vandalia Street) south into Collinsville and Center Street north into the village of Maryville. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Exit 15A leaves I-55 north & I-70-U.S. 40 east for IL 159 south. IL 159 travels 62 miles overall between IL 3 and 154 at Red Bud and IL 16 north of Bunker Hill. Photo taken 05/07/18.
IL 157 (Center Street) continues north from Exit 15B through the Maryville village center to Glen Carbon and Edwardsville. Historically, the route south into Collinsville is old U.S. 40 & 66. Photo taken 05/07/18.
I-55/70 directly overlaid Historic U.S. 40-66 east from IL 157 at Troy Crossing to Wilson Heights and Collinsville Road. Photo taken 05/07/18.
The forthcoming trumpet interchange (Exit 17) with U.S. 40 east was constructed directly over the original split of U.S. 40 and 66. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Crossing over Wilson Heights Road, one quarter mile ahead of the I-55/70 and U.S. 40 separation on the outskirts of Troy. U.S. 40 bypasses the city to the south en route to the village of St. Jacob. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Exit 17 departs from I-55 north & I-70 east for U.S. 40 east through Troy. U.S. 40 stays south of I-70 along a 17.5 mile loop through Highland. The two recombine east from there to Pocahontas. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Interstate 55 North Interstate 070 East
I-55/70 turn more northerly across the west side of Troy, next meeting Illinois 162 at a single point interchange (Exit 18). Photo taken 05/07/18.
Confirming markers for I-55 north & I-70 east posted after U.S. 40. The freeway north to their split was previously a four-lane expressway for Historic U.S. 66. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Illinois 162 (Edwardsville Road) connects I-55/70 with Downtown Troy, 1.6 miles to the east and northern reaches of Maryville to the west. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Interstate 70 splits with I-55 north at Exit 20A in one mile. An American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project underway in August 2009 reconfigured Exit 18 from a diamond interchange into a SPUI. Illinois 162 represents the historic alignment of U.S. 40 Bypass. Photo taken 05/07/18.
An auxiliary lane north to Exit 20A was constructed after the SPUI with IL 162 was completed in 2011. Photo taken 05/07/18.
A pair of wye interchanges connect I-70 with I-55 and the east end of I-270. Interstate 70 transitions into a rural freeway east to Greenville, Vandalia and Effingham. Photo taken 05/07/18.
Interstate 70 parts ways with I-55 north for Indianapolis. I-55 continues north to a loop ramp (Exit 20B) with Interstate 270 west back into Missouri. It also transitions into a rural route northward to Litchfield and Springfield. Photo taken 05/07/18.


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