Business Loop I-55 in Jefferson County follows a 5.1 mile routing east from Exit 174A at Festus to Exit 178 at Herculaneum. The business route follows U.S. 67 north to its merge with U.S. 61 along Truman Boulevard from Festus to Crystal City. U.S. 61 & 67 and Business Loop I-55 leave Crystal City via Commercial Boulevard to the city of Herculaneum. McNutt Street returns the business loop from U.S. 61 & 67 to a diamond interchange with I-55 as Commercial Boulevard continues toward the city center.

Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 67 north
U.S. 67 north enters the city of Festus and a cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 55. Business Loop I-55 begins and follows U.S. 67 northward along Truman Boulevard as I-55 bisects Festus north to St. Louis. 05/03/12
Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 67 south
A cloverleaf interchange joins the south end of Business Loop I-55 and U.S. 67 with Interstate 55 just west of the split with U.S. 61. 05/03/12

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