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Interstate 70 West
I-70 crosses into Washington County just ahead of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 40) with PA 88 (Pennsylvania Avenue) in the borough of Speers. PA 88 runs along the Monongahela River south to California and West Brownsville and north to Charleroi en route to the city of Monongahela. 10/15/04
Exit 39 connects westbound Interstate 70 with Maple Drive (SR 2027) in Speers. 10/15/04
Twilight Hollow Road (SR 2027) extends north from Maple Drive into the borough of Charleroi. Maple Drive south links with State Street to the borough of Twilight. 10/15/04
Advancing west through an S-curve, I-70 leaves Twilight for Fallowfield township and a cloverleaf interchange (Exit 37) with PA Turnpike 43. 10/15/04
The tolled Mon-Fayette Expressway spurs north to PA 51 at Jefferson Hills and travels south to U.S. 119 outside Uniontown. 10/15/04
PA 43 joins Interstate 70 with California and U.S. 40 east to Brownsville within six miles. 10/15/04
PA 43 travels 18 miles north to PA 51, which continues to Pittsburgh. The Southern Beltway (PA 576) is proposed to connect with PA 43 from I-79 at Upper St. Clair to the northwest. 10/15/04
PA 43 (Mon Fayette Expressway) extends south from U.S. 40/119 at Uniontown to West Virginia Route 43 and Interstate 68 east of Morgantown. 10/15/04
A half diamond interchange (Exit 36) joins I-70 west with Twin Bridges Road (SR 2037) north to Twin Bridges and west to PA 481 (Scenic Drive) at Lover. 10/15/04
PA 401 (Scenic Drive) meets I-70 at Exit 35 north of Lover. 10/15/04
The I-70 and SR 481 Interchange Improvement Project rebuilt Exit 35 into a diamond interchange. Costing $24.7 million, work was completed in December 2017.2 10/15/04
PA 481 travels north to PA 88/136/837 in the city of Monongahela and south to U.S. 40 in the borough of Centerville. 10/15/04
Part of a $75.89 million reconstruction project, the exchange at Exit 32 with Gibson Road (SR 2044) and Wilson Road (SR 2040) was rebuilt to modern standards. Construction was completed in December 2018.1 10/15/04
Wilson Road (SR 2040) links Interstate 70 with PA 917 (Main Street) in the borough of Bentleyville. 10/15/04
North from Bentleyville, PA 917 (Pittsburgh Road) heads to PA 126 at Ginger Hill. PA 917 turns west from Bentleyville to Ellsworth, Cokesburg and U.S. 40 in North Bethlehem township. 10/15/04
Demolished during 2016-18 widening, Exit 32A formerly departed from I-70 west at Pigeon Creek to Meadow Drive. 10/15/04
Continuing northward into Somerset township, Interstate 70 next meets Mcilvaine Road (SR 1093) at a diamond interchange (Exit 31). 10/15/04
Mcilvaine Road stems north from Sprowls Road near Exit 31 to PA 136 (Main Street) near the community of Kammerer. 10/15/04
Vanceville Road (SR 2017) north and Brownlee Road (SR 1055) south come together at a diamond interchange (Exit 27) with Interstate 70 in one mile. 10/15/04
Brownlee Road (SR 1055) angles northwest from Exit 27 to PA 136 (Main Street) west of Dunningsville. 10/15/04
Turning southwest to the South Strabane township line, I-70 advances to Exit 25 for PA 519 (Chartiers Creek Road). 10/15/04
PA 519 concludes 2.2 miles south of I-70 at U.S. 40 and Glyde. the community of Eighty Four lies at the crossroads of PA 519 and PA 136 (Main Street) 1.9 miles to the north. An I-70 improvement project reconstructed Exit 25 from a folded diamond into a diamond interchange. 10/15/04
The SR70-W31 project reconstructs and widens I-70 west from Exit 25 to the I-79 South Junction interchange. $118 million in construction adds two 12 foot lanes per direction, 12 foot outsider shoulders, a 10 foot median based on a 70 mph design speed. 10/15/04
Interstate 79 travels 20 miles south from I-70 to Waynesburg in Greene County and 47 miles to I-68 outside Morgantown, West Virginia. 10/15/04
Exit 21 departs I-70 west for I-79 south to Charleston, West Virginia beyond Lakeview Drive. The Lakeview Drive overpass collapsed in December 2005. Inspection of all the aging spans over I-70 followed, with the Main Street overpass subsequently replaced.3 10/15/04
Interstate 70 West Interstate 79 North
Bypassing Washington and East Washington to the north, I-70 west and I-79 north combine for 2.7 miles. 10/15/04
Having paralleled I-70 to the north from Nottingham township, PA 136 converges with I-70/79 at a folded diamond interchange (Exit 20) with Lakeview Drive (SR 1014) and Clare Drive. 10/15/04
PA 136 (Beau Street) crosses the borough of East Washington to Washington & Jefferson College and U.S. 19/40 in the Washington business district. 10/15/04
The SR70-T10 project completes six lane expansion along I-70/79 west to SR 136 (Beau Street). Exit 20 joins I-70/79 west with Lakeview Drive (SR 1014) to PA 136 across from Trinity Point Drive to Trinity Point Shopping Center. 10/15/04
U.S. 19 constitutes a heavily developed commercial arterial east from Murtland Avenue in Washington by Oak Spring Center mall. U.S. 19 parallels I-79 north to Pittsburgh and Erie. 10/15/04
Part of I-70/79 expansion from PA 136 to the North Junction with Interstate 79, a $51.3 million project rebuilt the four loop cloverleaf interchange at U.S. 19 (Washington Road) with a DDI. Work was tentatively completed in November 2017.2 10/15/04
The North Junction of I-70/79 is a directional T interchange (Exit 18). 10/15/04
Interstate 79 heads 21 miles northeast toward Carnegie, where it meets I-376/U.S. 22-30 (Penn-Lincoln Parkway) east into Pittsburgh. 10/15/04
Interstate 70 West
Exit 17 to PA 18 (Jefferson Avenue) lies 0.75 miles west of Interstate 79. 10/15/04
The succeeding three exits from westbound I-70 serve the city of Washington. 10/15/04
Exit 17 loops onto Wylie Avenue east of PA 18 (Jefferson Avenue) in Washington. PA 18 heads south to overlap with US. 40 into Downtown Washington. PA 844 branches northwest from PA 18 at Henderson Avenue to West Middletown. 10/15/04
Sheffield Street links the diamond interchange at Exit 16 with Jessop Place to the north and Wilmington Street to the south at the community of West Side. 10/15/04
Interstate 70 continues southwest from Canton township to U.S. 40 on the North Franklin township line. 10/15/04
U.S. 40 (Chestnut Street) meets I-70 for the first time since Hancoc, Maryland at Elwood Park just west of Washington. 10/15/04
Part of the National Pike, U.S. 40 parallels I-70 west to Lincoln Hill, Claysville and West Alexander as both progress west to Wheeling, West Virginia. I-70/U.S. 40 commingle westward to Oakley, Kansas and again from Limon to near Idaho Springs in Colorado. 10/15/04
PA 221 (South Bridge Road) crosses paths with I-70 south of Taylorstown and northwest of Green Hills. 10/15/04
Ramps at Exit 11 connect I-70 west with E Buffalo Church Road (SR 3030) to PA 221 (South Bridge Road). PA 221 runs 15.9 miles overall from PA 18 at Prosperity north to PA 231 at Acheson. 10/15/04
PA 231 travels south from Acheson to the borough of Claysville across Interstate 70 along Bell Avenue. 10/15/04
The diamond interchange at Exit 6 connects I-70 with Old National Pike (SR 3024) adjacent to U.S. 40 (National Pike). 10/15/04
U.S. 40 (National Pike) combines with PA 231 along Main Street in Claysville, 0.75 miles east of Exit 6. PA 231 continues 13 miles south from U.S. 40 to PA 18 in East Finley township. 10/15/04
Interstate 70 navigates through a series of S-curves west from Claysville to Exit 1 with Old Brick Road (SR 3023). 10/15/04
Maple Avenue (SR 3023) extends north from the folded diamond interchange (Exit 1) linking I-70 with Old Brick Road to Main Street in the community of West Alexander. 10/15/04
Wheeling, West Virginia is 13 miles west from West Alexander along Interstate 70. 10/15/04

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