The Western Interstate 76 is a diagonal route that generally follows the South Platte River between Denver, Colorado and Big Springs, Nebraska. This is one of two sections of Interstate 76 in the country; the other I-76 is located be in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Representing a branch off I-80 to Denver, the section of I-76 in Colorado and Nebraska was designated as Interstate 80S until 1975. With the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) mandating an elimination of suffixed Interstate routes, partially due to motorist confusion, I-80S was renumbered.

Interstate 72 East
Interstate 76 departs from the Centennial State of Colorado and enters the Cornhusker State of Nebraska south of the railroad siding of Barton. 04/22/17
A reassurance marker for I-76 was added by this variable message sign by 2012. The assembly advises motorists of closures or restrictions along Interstate 80 during times of inclement weather or poor traffic conditions. 04/22/17
One mile south of Interstate 80, the transcontinental route that crosses Nebraska between Pines Bluffs and Omaha, on I-76 east. Exit 102 is numbered based upon the mileage of I-80. 04/22/17
Road 4, an unpaved ranch road, spans Interstate 76 on the half mile approach to the trumpet interchange (Exit 102) with I-80. Sidney, a city of less than 7,000, is 45 miles to the west. 04/22/17
Exit 102 loops away from I-76 east to join I-80 west for the 145 mile drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming. 04/22/17
Interstate 76 ends as the two lanes of the mainline merge directly into Interstate 80 east ahead of Ogallala. Omaha lies 351 miles to the east. 04/22/17
Interstate 76 West
NDOT references the short stretch of Interstate 76 in Deuel County as a north-south route. The first confirming marker stands ahead of the Road 4 overpass. 04/22/17
The first exit from Interstate 76 westbound departs in five miles for Julesburg, Colorado. Denver is 186 miles to the southwest. 04/22/17

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