Business Loop I-80 and I-80 & U.S. 30 converge at a diamond interchange (Exit 107) in east Rock Springs Photo taken 08/25/14.

Business Loop I-80 serves Rock Springs between Exits 102 and 107. The route travels over former U.S. 30 along portions of Dewar Drive, Center Street, Bridger Avenue and Pilot Butte Avenue.

Business Loop I 80 Mileage and Junction List
Business Loop I-80 U.S. 30 Business East
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Dewar Drive angles southeast from White Mountain Mall and adjacent retail areas to meet both Interstate 80 and Business Loop I-80 at a diamond interchange in west Rock Springs. 08/25/14
Business Loop I-80 connects Interstate 80 with Wyoming 430 leading south from Rock Springs. The state highway indirectly connects with the business route via Wyoming 376. 08/25/14
Gateway Boulevard leads north to adjacent motorists services, big box retail and a mobile home park. Sunset Drive leads west to additional traveler services to become the south side frontage road for I-80. 08/25/14
College Drive stems north from the next traffic light along Business Loop I-80 east to Western Hospital of Sweetwater County and Western Wyoming Community College. 08/25/14
Continuing east from College Drive, Business Loop I-80 (Dewar Drive) passes south of a rock outcrop and north of a shopping center. 08/25/14
Wyoming 376 loops around the south side of Rock Springs along the Rock Springs Beltway. The 4.3-mile long route links Business Loop I-80 with Wyoming 430 south to Hiawatha, Colorado. 08/25/14
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Business Loop I-80 (9th Street) turns southward beyond the east end of Wyoming 376 (Rock Springs Beltway) and curves alongside the Union Pacific Railroad ahead of Interstate 80. 08/25/14
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Entering the diamond interchange with Interstate 80 & U.S. 30, Business Loop I-80 ends. The exchange here was originally a trumpet. 08/25/14
Business Loop I-80 U.S. 30 Business West
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Business Loop I-80 in Rock Springs begins from a diamond interchange with I-80. Initial signs for the route reference only Pilot Butte Avenue and the connection with Wyoming 430 south. 08/25/14
The viaduct carrying Wyoming 376 (Rock Springs Beltway) across the adjacent Union Pacific Railroad line comes into view as Business Loop I-80 (9th Street) makes a sharp curve northwest away from I-80. 08/25/14
Although wholly routed within the Rock Springs, a city limits sign appears along Business Loop I-80 west on 9th Street. 08/25/14
Wyoming 376 forms a 4.3 mile loop south from Business Loop I-80 along the Rock Springs Beltway. The state highway winds around the Rock Springs residential area to intersect Marchant Street east to Wyoming 430 (New Hampshire Street) in two miles. 08/25/14
City installed signs erroneously reference Wyoming 430 as U.S. 430. U.S. 430 was historically a short route located in Illinois. 08/25/14
North Side Belt Route ties into Business Loop I-80 (9th Street) opposite the east end of Wyoming 376. 08/25/14
9th Street arcs westward from WYO 376 as a three-lane wide arterial through residential areas of east Rock Springs. 08/25/14
Business Loop I-80 shifts southwest from 9th Street onto Pilot Butte Avenue at Paulson Street. 08/25/14
Reassurance marker for Business Loop I-80 posted after the split with 9th Street. 08/25/14
Pilot Butte Avenue leads Business Loop I-80 west across Bitter Creek toward Downtown Rock Springs. 08/25/14
Business Loop I-80 (Pilot Butte Avenue) makes an S-curve through the intersection with M Street. 08/25/14
Business Loop I-80 transitions from Pilot Butte Avenue onto Bridger Avenue to the immediate west of M Street. This scene looks at Pilot Butte Avenue leading south away from the business route. 08/25/14
Reassurance marker for Business Loop I-80 west posted after the transition onto Bridger Avenue. 08/25/14
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Advancing west along Bridger Avenue, Business Loop I-80 intersects Elk Street. Elk Street is both unsigned U.S. 191 Spur and historic U.S. 187 heading north to I-80. Elk Street south to Downtown Rock Springs was originally a part of Wyoming 430. 08/25/14
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Business Loop I-80 turns south after Elk Street (U.S. 191 Spur) along Center Street. 08/25/14
Grant Street intersects Business Loop I-80 (Center Street) west from A Street (old WYO 430) and east from College Drive. 08/25/14
Trailblazers for I-80 take the place of shields for Business Loop I-80 along the remainder of the route west back to the freeway. 08/25/14
Business Loop I-80 shifts southwest from Center Street onto Dewar Drive as it spans Bitter Creek for the second time. 08/25/14
Continuing south from Smith Street, Business Loop I-80 (Dewar Drive) transitions into a commercial arterial. 08/25/14
Wyoming 376 (Rock Springs Beltway) returns to end at Business Loop I-80 (Dewar Drive) from the Blairtown community. 08/25/14
College Drive arcs south from a parclo interchange with I-80 to Western Wyoming Community College and Dewar Drive. 08/25/14
Business Loop I-80 (Dewar Drive) makes a gradual curve to the northwest toward the commercialized diamond interchange with I-80. Sunset Boulevard north and Gateway Boulevard south come together at a signal from adjacent business areas. 08/25/14
The on-ramp for I-80 & U.S. 30 east for Rawlins and U.S. 191 north to Pinedale departs Business Loop I-80 (Dewar Drive) west. 08/25/14
The exchange at the west end of Business Loop I-80 was originally a parclo interchange with a loop ramp from I-80 westbound. 08/25/14
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Dewar Drive extends northwest from the Green River on-ramp to Foothill Boulevard at White Mountain Mall and a subdivision beyond Sweetwater Drive. 09/06/05, 08/25/14

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