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Business Loop I-80 trailblazer posted along the off-ramp (Exit 3) from Interstate 80 west to South Verdi Road. 07/18/09

Doubling as Nevada State Route 425, Business Loop I-80 through the community of Verdi overlays a portion of old U.S. 40 along 3rd Street. Verdi, located just east of the California state line in Washoe County, is unincorporated. 3.44 miles in length, SR 425 originates from I-80 at Exit 1 and concludes at Exit 4.

Business Loop I-80 East
A folded diamond interchange connects Interstate 80 with 3rd Street (FRWA48) on the west side of the freeway and FRWA01 (Washoe County Frontage Road #1) on the east side at Exit 1. FRWA01 measures 0.462 miles from the right of way fence to the beginning of SR 425 on 3rd Street. 07/18/09
FRWA01 serves a handful of businesses and dwellings along the east side of Interstate 80. The frontage road provides return access to I-80 toward Reno from the west end of SR 425. 07/18/09
The first confirming marker for Business Loop I-80 east appears along Gold Ranch Road (FRWA48), which extends north from Mahogany Canyon Court to the north side ramps of I-80 at Exit 1. 07/18/09
Business Loop I-80 (Gold Ranch Road) continues north from the ramps at Exit 1 toward Gold Ranch Casino and SR 425 along 3rd Street. 07/23/09
Gold Ranch Road (FRWA48) intersects the off-ramp from I-80 west at Exit 2. Gold Ranch Road ends in name here. 07/18/09, 07/23/09
Business Loop I-80 along FRWA48 shifts westward to intersect Trelease Lane. 07/17/17
FRWA48 ends as SR 425 takes over for Business Loop I-80 eastbound along 3rd Street into Verdi. 07/17/17
FRWA01 brings traffic from I-80 eastbound onto SR 425 (3rd Street) north while connecting the south end of Verdi with the freeway leading east to Reno. 07/17/17
Although unmarked, SR 425 commences its 3.44 mile route as the two branches of Business Loop I-80 combine along 3rd Street. 07/17/17
Business Loop I-80 Nevada State Route 425 East
Business Loop I-80/SR 425 proceed northward along historic U.S. 40 (3rd Street) into Verdi. Crystal Peak Park separates 3rd Street from I-80 and the nearby Truckee River on the ensuing stretch. 07/23/09
Business Loop I-80 and historic U.S. 40 (3rd Street) span the Truckee River for the first time eastbound on a 1939-built concrete arch bridge. 07/23/09
The next turnoff from Business Loop I-80 east is for Crystal Peak Park. Nevada State Historical Marker 191 follows. 07/23/09
3rd Street next spans a power canal on a 1949-built span. 07/23/09
Arriving at the Verdi business district, Business Loop I-80 (3rd Street) intersects Bridge Street. Bridge Street connects with South Verdi Road to I-80 at Exit 3. Bridge Street north continues to the county library, golf course, and Dog Valley Road west to Henness Pass Road in California. 07/23/09
Eastbound Business Loop I-80 (Third Street) passes Rattler Ridge and Verdi Armory. 07/23/09
The east crossing of the Truckee River along Business Loop I-80 and historic U.S. 40 is a concrete arch bridge dating back to 1938. 07/23/09
Development of the Glen Meadows Estates and Village subdivisions on the north side of Business Loop I-80 beyond the Truckee River transformed a previously rural stretch into a bedroom community for Reno. 07/23/09
Business Loop I-80 curves south and squeezes between the adjacent Truckee River and a rocky hillside south of Peavine Peak. 07/23/09
Business Loop I-80/SR 425 straighten out by a handful of industrial businesses ahead of Somersett Ridge Parkway and I-80. 07/23/09
The roundabout with Somersett Ridge Parkway precedes the eastbound return of Business Loop I-80 onto Interstate 80. Somersett Ridge Parkway comprises one of three roads into a sprawling suburban area north of I-80 and Mogul. 07/23/09
The roundabout with Somersett Ridge Parkway along Business Loop I-80/SR 425 was completed by 2008. Somersett Ridge Parkway winds northward to the Sierra Canyon Village and Sierra Canyon at Somersett Village developments, ending at Del Webb Parkway. 07/23/09
Business Loop I-80/SR 425 conclude at a wye interchange with Interstate 80 east to Mogul, Reno and Sparks. 07/23/09
Business Loop I-80 Nevada State Route 425 West
Business Loop I-80 westbound departs from the mainline freeway at Exit 5. Combining with SR 425 along old U.S. 40, the Verdi business route quickly enters a roundabout with Somersett Ridge Parkway. 07/17/17
The roundabout with Somersett Ridge Parkway serves a bevy of subdivisions spreading to the northeast of Verdi and north of Mogul including Sierra Canyon at Somerset Village. 07/17/17
Business Loop I-80/SR 425 curve west into suburban areas of east Verdi, crossing the Truckee River for the time across an open-spandrel arch built in 1938.1 07/17/17
2nd Street branches west from Business Loop I-80/SR 425 (3rd Street) at the Verdi business district. 07/17/17
Historic U.S. 40 (3rd Street) crosses the Truckee River again by Crystal Peak Park. The 181-foot long open-spandrel arch bridge here dates back to 1939.2 07/17/17
Looking south from 3rd Street at the 1962-spans carrying Interstate 80 across the Truckee River in west Verdi. 07/18/09
3rd Street leads Business Loop I-80/SR 425 southward to a folded diamond interchange with I-80. SR 425 ends here as the business loop separates into two state-maintained frontage roads. FRWA01 connects with the eastbound entrance ramp to Reno. 07/17/17
FRAW48 runs along the west side of I-80, extending Business Loop I-80 south to Gold Ranch Road and the entrance ramp at Exit 1. 07/18/09
Business Loop I-80 West
A trailblazer for Business Loop I-80 stands along Gold Ranch Road (FRWA48) southbound between the Interstate 80 off-ramp from Exit 2 and entrance ramp at Exit 1. 07/18/09
Gold Ranch Road (FRWA48) runs directly alongside the westbound lanes of I-80 through Exit 1 and Mahogany Canyon Court. 07/18/09
Business Loop I-80 along Gold Ranch Road merges onto Interstate 80 west ahead of Truckee Canyon in Sierra County, California. Mahogany Canyon Court spurs southwest to a handful of dwellings overlooking the valley from Verdi Range. 07/23/09
FRWA01 spans I-80, connecting Business Loop I-80 west with the entrance ramp for Interstate 80 east to Reno and Sparks. 07/17/17
FRWA01 extends a short distance south from the I-80 eastbound on-ramp to the right of way end at the first Verdi exit ramp from I-80 west. 07/17/17
Business Loop I-80 scenes
Trailblazers for I-80 direct motorists leaving Crystal Park onto Business Loop I-80/SR 425 (3rd Street). 07/18/09

  1. East Verdi Bridge.
  2. West Verdi Bridge.

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