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The Alberton Business Loop for Interstate 90 was established by 2006 along a 2.533 mile section of old U.S. 10 between Exit 75 and Exit 77.

Interstate 90 Secondary Highway 507 West
Petty Creek Road spans the Clark Fork river north from Lothrop to end at Interstate 90 (Exit 77). 09/01/06
Petty Creek Road reaches the eastbound entrance ramp for Interstate 90 to Missoula. Business Loop I-90/SSR 507 west begin at the westbound off-ramp. 09/01/06
2 photos
2 photos
Business Loop I-90 and Montana Secondary 507 coincide for their entire duration from the westbound off-ramp (Exit 77) of I-90 to Exit 75. 09/01/06
A local access road climbs from Business Loop I-90 & SSR 507 to Highway 10 West, the former alignment of U.S. 10 to the north. 09/01/06
The westbound on-ramp for Interstate 90 departs just beyond the Mineral County line from Business Loop I-90 & SSR 507. 09/01/06
The lone westbound shield assembly for the Alberton Business Loop resides at the on-ramp to Coeur d'Alene east of the town line. 09/01/06
Business Loop I-90 & SSR 507 follow Adams Street west beyond the Alberton town limits. 09/01/06
A handful of homes front Adams Street west from River Street to Railroad Avenue. 09/01/06
Railroad Avenue (old U.S. 10) overtakes Adams Street through the heart of Alberton. 09/01/06
A service station and a few eateries round out the services available along Business loop I-90 (Railroad Avenue) through Alberton. 09/01/06
Business Loop I-90 & SSR 507 lower from Alberton to end at the Exit 75 diamond interchange of Interstate 90. 09/01/06
Old U.S. 10 (North Frontage Road) splits from the westbound on-ramp to line the westbound lanes to the Mountain Creek area. 09/01/06
Montana Secondary 507 concludes along with Business Loop I-90 at the ramps for Coeur d'Alene and Missoula. Beyond the eastbound on-ramp is the road end at South Frontage Road, which leads west to the Natural Pier Bridge and fishing area. 09/01/06

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