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Also known as the Century Freeway, Interstate 105 is the Glenn Anderson Freeway. It connects El Segundo and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with Norwalk and Interstate 605.

The freeway was opened to traffic in 1993, and it was featured in several of the chase sequences in the 1994 movie Speed. Although I-105 was originally intended to connect to Interstate 5 and possibly continue east toward Orange County and California 91, it was truncated at Interstate 605. A high occupancy vehicle ramp connects Interstate 105 with Studebaker Road, which parallels I-605 to the east in Norwalk. No plans currently exist for any eastward extension of Interstate 105.

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Northbound Studebaker Road at the carpool lane connector that leads to Interstate 105 west. Unlike other area freeways, a section of I-105 between Studebaker Road and I-605 is open only to high occupancy vehicles (i.e., carpools, buses, and other vehicles with two or more vehicles). 06/19/10

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