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Interstate 229 South
Minnehaha County Road 125 (Township Road) transitions directly into Interstate 229 south. 06/17/15
The first sign of the transition to Interstate 229 south was posted within the CR 125 median ahead of the Interstate 90 overpasses. 06/17/15
A half cloverleaf interchange joins I-229 and I-90. A loop ramp brings motorists onto the freeway beginning from Interstate 90 west. 06/17/15
Leading away from I-90, Interstate 229 passes under 60th Street. All eight of the I-229 mainline interchanges serve the city of Sioux Falls. 08/06/16
The first interchange connects Interstate 229 with Benson Road on the north side of Sioux Falls. Benson Road leads west from Exit 9 through industrial areas toward Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD). 08/06/16
The first confirming marker for Interstate 229 south. There is a second I-229 at St. Joseph, Missouri. 08/06/16
Exit 9 parts ways with Interstate 229 south for Benson Road. East from I-229, Benson Road to Sycamore Avenue north is unpaved. 08/06/16
Interstate 229 reassurance shield posted between Exit 9 and Exit 7. 08/06/16
I-229 lowers to the Big Sioux River and the folded diamond interchange (Exit 7) with Rice Street. Rice Street west to Weber Avenue south connects I-229 with Falls Park. 08/06/16
The auxiliary lane gained from Exit 9 departs for Rice Street at Exit 7. Rice Street leads west to the Riverside neighborhood and Cliff Avenue and east to Brandon via Holly Boulevard. 08/06/16
Interstate 229 advances south past Leaders Park. 08/06/16
Interstate 229 expands to three lanes on the approach to Business Loop I-229/SD 42 (Exit 6). 10th Street carries the pair westward into Downtown Sioux Falls. Points of interest include the South Dakota School for the Deaf and Washington Pavilion. 08/06/16
A single point urban interchange (SPUI) connects I-229 with Business Loop I-229/SR 42 at E 10th Street. 08/06/16
Exit 6 departs I-229 south at the 6th Street overpass. SD 42 (former U.S. 16) enters Sioux Falls from northwest Iowa and follows 10th Street alongside Business Loop I-229 to SD 115 (Minnesota Avenue) within the Sioux Falls central business district. BL I-229 turns southward on Minnesota Avenue to rejoin the freeway at Exit 3. 08/06/16
Continuing south of the E 12th Street and Exit 7 on Interstate 229. 08/06/16
Crossing the Big Sioux River again, Interstate 229 makes a southwestern turn ahead of 26th Street (Exit 5). 08/06/16
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 5) joins Interstate 229 with 26th Street at Yeager Road. 26th Street travels west to the University of Sioux Falls (USF) and east to SD 42. 08/06/16
Yeager Road parallels the southbound lanes of Interstate 229 between Exit 5 and Exit 4 for Cliff Avenue. 08/06/16
Cliff Avenue converges with Interstate 229 by Spencer Park and Tuthill Park adjacent to the Big Sioux River. South from Sioux Falls, Cliff Avenue becomes CR 123 en route to Harrisburg.
The southbound off-ramp at Exit 4 was realigned to meet Cliff Avenue opposite 41st Street west. 08/06/16
Advancing southwest, Interstate 229 next meets SD 115 (Minnesota Avenue) and the return of Business Loop I-229 (Exit 3). 08/06/16
Business Loop I-229/SD 115 follow Minnesota Avenue northward to Downtown where they meet SD 42 (10th Street) and a combination of Business Spurs I-29 and I-90. 08/06/16
Interstate 229 south enters the diamond interchange (Exit 3) with SD 115/Business Loop I-229 north. Minnesota Avenue represents the historic alignment of U.S. 77 from North Drive southward to the south suburbs. 08/06/16
Interstate 229 runs between a series of business parks and Yankton Trail Park beyond this confirming marker. 08/06/16
Another auxiliary lane joins Interstate 229 south between Minnesota Avenue and the diamond interchange (Exit 2) with Western Avenue. 08/06/16
Exit 2 leaves Interstate 229 south for Western Avenue. Western Avenue ventures northward to 41st Street at the Western Mall retail area. 08/06/16
I-229 advances two miles south from the Western Avenue overpass to Exits 1A/B with Interstate 29. 08/06/16
Interstate 229 crosses the Big Sioux River a final time between Farm Field Park and Sertoma Park. 08/06/16
Before entering the trumpet interchange (Exits 1A/B) with I-29, Interstate 229 south reaches Exit 1C to Louise Avenue. Exit 1C serves The Empire Mall, Colorado Technical University and the Game, Fish & Parks Outdoor Campus. 08/06/16
Reassurance marker for I-229 south ahead of the W 57th Street underpass. 08/06/16
The Sioux Falls Bike Trail bridge spanning the Big Sioux River appears just north of Interstate 229. 08/06/16
Still within the Sioux Falls city limits, I-229 southbound enters Lincoln County at 57th Street. 08/06/16
A parclo interchange (Exit 1C) connects I-229 with Louise Avenue. Louise Avenue travels northward through an area built up with apartments and other multi-family dwellings to 49th Street and The Empire Mall. Southward the arterial continues by a number of newer subdivisions. 08/06/16
The south end of I-229 provides access both to I-29 north to I-90 and south to Beresford and Sioux City, Iowa. 08/06/16
The last shield for Interstate 229 precedes the Solberg Avenue overpass. It was removed during freeway widening in 2016. 06/17/15
Construction rebuilt the concrete travel lanes and overpasses taking I-29 above Interstate 229 in 2016. 08/06/16
Interstate 229 defaults onto I-29 south ahead of Tea as Exit 1A. Exit 1B departs for Interstate 29 north to 41st Street and the west side of the city. 06/17/15

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