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Business Loop I-376 at I-376 - Findlay township, PA

The west end of Business Loop I-376 is a wye interchange with Interstate 376 north of Hookstown Grade Road (SR 3088) in Findlay township. 06/10/10

Business Loop I-376 was established over PA 60 Business in Moon and Findlay townships west of Pittsburgh, when Interstate 376 replaced PA 60 northward to the Beaver Valley Expressway in 2009. The business route branches north from I-376 at Exit 57 along a limited access expressway to Corapolis Heights Road (SR 3074). Curving west alongside the cargo areas of Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), the expressway transitions into an at-grade arterial with three signalized intersections.

Business Loop I-376 upgrades to an expressway again west at the exchange with International Drive. The route turns north to merge with I-376 at Exit 50, just south of the Beaver County line.

Business Loop I-376 scenes
International Drive stems south from Moon-Clinton Road (SR 3088) to a diamond interchange with Business Loop I-376. 06/10/10
A wye interchange (Exit 51) joins I-376 west with Flaughterty Run Road (SR 3089) at Clinton Road. Flaughterty Run Road connects I-376 west with Business Loop I-376 east. 06/13/10
International Drive north at the westbound entrance ramp for Business Loop I-376. 06/10/10
Clinton Road north ties into the ramps connecting I-376 with Flaughterty Run Road and Business Loop I-376. 06/10/10
Business Loop I-376 heads east from Flaughtery Run Road (SR 3089) to Moon township and the cargo area of Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). 06/13/10
Flaugherty Run Road (SR 3089) heads south from Moon Clinton Road (SR 3088) into a diamond interchange with Business Loop I-376. 06/11/10
Flaughtery Run Road links Business Loop I-376 westbound with I-376 east to PA 576 (Southern Beltway). 06/11/10
Flaughtery Run Road west at the eastbound entrance ramp for Business Loop I-376 to Moon. 06/11/10
Flaughtery Run Road (SR 3089) concludes at Clinton Road south and the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 376. 06/15/10
The entrance ramp from Flaughtery Run Road joins a c/d roadway along Interstate 376 eastbound for Exit 52 and the continuation of Clinton Road (SR 3089) west to U.S. 30. 06/11/10

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