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Interstate 376 constitutes an 84.5 mile long route from Monroeville east of Pittsburgh to Shenango County in Mercer County. Prior to June 2009, I-376 only followed Penn-Lincoln Parkway East from U.S. 22 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) in Monroeville west to Interstate 279 at the Fort Pitt Bridge. U.S. 30 accompanies the urban stretch west from Forest Hills to Edgewood, Swissville, the Squirrel Hill Tunnel and Downtown Pittsburgh.

Interstate 376 overtook I-279 along Penn-Lincoln Parkway west from the Fort Pitt Bridge spanning the Monongahela River to I-79 in Robinson township in June 2009. Overlapping with U.S. 22/30, this stretch runs through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and the boroughs of Green Tree, Carnegie and Rosslyn Farms. Penn-Lincoln Parkway is named because U.S. 22 is the William Penn Highway and U.S. 30 is the Abraham Lincoln Highway.

North from I-79 near Pennsbury Village, Interstate 376 overlays U.S. 22/30 to PA 60 (Steubenville Pike) near Gayly. I-376 replaced PA 60 north from there to Interstate 80 near Sharon in November 2009. This includes Airport Parkway north from PA 60 to Business Loop I-376 around Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and the Beaver Valley Expressway north to Aliquippa, Beaver and PA 51 near Beaver Falls.

Maintained by the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the tolled section of the Beaver Valley Expressway leads I-376 north to U.S. 422 along the New Castle bypass. I-376 and U.S. 422 overlap between Exit 15 an 12 west of the city and Oakwood. Beyond there, I-376 continues to West Middlesex and I-80 and PA 760 east of the Ohio state line and south of the city of Sharon.

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Business Loop I-376 replaced PA 60 Business around the east side of Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). The controlled access expressway loops north from I-376 for 6.7 miles between Exit 50 and 57.

Most of Interstate 376 along the Beaver Valley Expressway, excluding the Pennsylvania Turnpike section, was constructed between 1968 and 1978. The Turnpike section was built in the early 1990s, with the entire portion between PA 51 and New Castle opening to traffic by 1992.

Interstate 376 scenes
Bedford Avenue north at the entrance ramps for the I-579 HOV roadway north and I-579 (Crosstown Boulevard) south to I-376 via 7th Avenue and Grant Street (Purple Belt). 05/26/02
Spanning the Monogahela River to South Side Flats, the Birmingham Bridge crosses over I-376/U.S. 22-30 at the exchange with PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) and Forbes Avenue. This bridge was planned to be a part of the cancelled Inner Belt Expressway, which would have run through the Oakland community north of I-376. 10/14/01
Replaced by 2009, this state named trailblazer for I-376 directed traffic onto PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) west from Craft Place near Magee-Womens Hospital in Oakland. 05/26/02
Trailblazers for I-376/579 posted at Forbes Avenue east at Craft Avenue in the Oakland community in Pittsburgh. 06/12/10
Running along the north side of I-376/U.S. 22-30 (Penn-Lincoln Parkway), Campbells Run Ridge links Exit 61 with Ridge Road south and Commons Boulevard to Settlers Ridge retail center. 06/13/10
Ridge Road crosses Penn-Lincoln Parkway south from Campbells Run Road to the eastbound entrance ramp for Interstate 376 to Pittsburgh. 06/11/10
McClaren Road (SR 3070) meets I-376 at a parclo interchange (Exit 56) south of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard facility at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). 06/14/10
McLaren Road continues south from I-376 to Enlow and Main Street through Imperial. 06/14/10
Industrial Drive extends east from McClaren Road and the eastbound ramps with I-376 to adjacent businesses and Parkwest Drive. 06/14/10

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