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Interstate 670 West
Interstate 670 commences with three lanes initially from I-70/U.S. 24-40 west to Exit 2P with 13th Street. 06/18/15
Back to back ramps (Exits 2P/2Q) follow for 13th Street west and Locust Street north into the Kansas City Central Business District. 06/18/15
Exit 2P leads west to form 13th Street at Charlotte Street (old U.S. 71 Business) south to Hospital Hill and the University of Missouri Kansas City - Hospital Hill campus. 06/18/15
Westbound I-670 dives below the U.S. 71 (Bruce Watkins Drive) mainline and a number of ramps as Exit 2P departs for 13th Street west to the Sprint Center. 06/18/15
Exit 2Q joins Truman Road west at Locust Street. Truman Road forms a service road system for I-670 to the Kansas City Convention Center. Locust Street heads north to Kansas City Hall. 06/18/15
Exit 2Q was relocated to depart further east to join a realigned Truman Road at Locust Street. The original ramp closed in January 2006 due to construction of the Sprint Center. Its replacement opened to traffic in October 2006. 06/18/15
Interstate 670 (Dillingham Freeway) expands to four westbound lanes at the Oak Street overpass. Exit 2Q originally ascended to accompany Truman Road west at McGee Street here. 06/18/15
Milepost 3 is located between Oak Street and a pedestrian bridge for the Sprint Center. Mile markers decrease west to the end of I-670 in Kansas City, Kansas. 10/07/21
Three ramps leave I-670 west in quick succession for Broadway (Exit 2S) to the Convention Center complex and Interstate 35 north and south (Exit 2T). 10/07/21
Pylons for the Kansas City Convention Center come into view beyond the Walnut Street overpass. 10/07/21
I-670 enters a tunnel system below the Kansas City Convention Center from Wyandotte Street to Broadway. Adjacent I-35 runs north along the west leg of the Alphabet Loop to I-70/U.S. 24-40 at River Market and the Southwest Trafficway south to Westside South and Penn Valley Park. An APL sign added here in 2017 was removed during work on the Baltimore Avenue bridge. 10/07/21
Exit 2S is a half diamond interchange joining Interstate 670 with Truman Road below the Convention Center. The off-ramp emerges at Broadway and the Quality Hill area. 10/07/21
A second major expansion of the Kansas City Convention Center added the Grand City Ballroom above Interstate 670 between Wyandotte and Central Streets. Work on the 46,450 square foot facility ran from June 2005 to April 2007.1 06/18/15
Central Street spans Interstate 670 between the ballroom and Bartle Exhibit Hall. The new Bartle Hall was constructed over I-670 between October 1991 and September 1994. 06/18/15
Traffic bound for I-35 splits with I-670 west through the second tunnel. I-35 north connects with 12th Street and I-70 east along the North Loop. 10/07/21
Regionally Interstate 35 joins Kansas City with Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 10/07/21
The ramp from I-670 west to I-35 north joins the West Loop just ahead of Exit 2W for 12th Street. 10/07/21
Interstate 670 lowers through a four level interchange with I-35 as it leaves the South Loop and Downtown Kansas City. 06/18/15
The last Missouri exit departs in a half mile for the West Bottoms industrial area. 11/03/16
Summit Street spans I-670 high above this sign for Jay B. Dillingham Freeway. 11/03/16
Genessee Street leads south from 12th Street to Hy-Vee Arena (Kemper Arena until 2016), the older indoor sports and concert venue for Kansas City. 11/03/16
A high level pedestrian bridge spans Interstate 670 at West Terrace Park as the freeway drops toward a viaduct system ahead of the Kansas River. 06/18/15
Lanes added from I-35 expand Interstate 670 (Dillingham Freeway) to four westbound lanes to the split diamond interchange (Exit 1B) with Wyoming and Genessee Streets. 06/18/15
Wyoming and Genessee Streets form a one way couplet below Interstate 670 as the Dillingham Freeway advances west to Central Avenue (Exit 1A) and Riverview in Kansas City, Kansas. 06/18/15, 11/03/16
Westbound I-670 enters Wyandotte County, Kansas just ahead of the Kansas River. 67,400 vehicles per day (vpd) were recorded by KDOT in 2018 on the 1.64 mile stretch of Interstate 670 in Kansas. 11/03/16
High flyovers link forthcoming Exit 1A with Central Avenue at a wye interchange just east of Interstate 70. 10/17/04
The Central Avenue Bridge is a two-level deck truss bridge spanning the Kansas River from West Bottoms in Kansas City, Missouri to Riverview in Kansas City, Kansas. The span was built in 1918.2 10/17/04
Exit 1A links Interstate 670 west with Central Avenue west ahead of its parclo interchange with I-70/U.S. 24-40-169. 11/03/16
West from I-70/U.S. 24-40-169, Central Avenue continues through Riverview to Kensington in Kansas City, Kansas. Central Avenue west to Park Drive was formerly a part of K-32. 06/18/15, 11/03/16
The final mile of Interstate 670 west defaults onto I-70 west. I-70 travels across Kansas City, Kansas to Edwardsville and Bonner Springs. 06/18/15
The three lane viaducts of Interstate 670 separate as the Dillingham Freeway passes over I-70 at Pacific Avenue. 06/18/15
A welcome to Kansas sign appears as I-670 turns south along a ridge line above adjacent Interstate 70. 06/18/15
U.S. 169 branches south from I-70 across the distant 7th Street Viaduct. U.S. 69 south joins I-70 west from 7th Street to the north as I-670 traffic merges after Mill Street. 06/18/15
An end sign stands beside the Mill Street overpass as Interstate 670 merges with I-70 at a wye interchange. 06/18/15

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