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The Arundel Expressway was completed on March 2, 1991, when the $14.4-million, 2.65-mile extension of MD 10 opened between MD 2 north of Pasadena Road and MD 100 south of Mountain Road. Work on this portion commenced in January 1990.1

Planning for the MD 10 freeway commenced in 1956, when engineers envisioned a route from Annapolis north to the Baltimore Beltway. This was never realized and instead Interstate 97 was developed along a corridor following MD 3 and MD 178 as a more direct and less expensive route. MD 10 was built from Interstate 695 south to MD 710 (Ordnance Road) in 19781 and from there to Marleys Creek in the 1980s.

Maryland Route 10 North Maryland Route 100 West
MD 100 (Paul T. Pitcher Memorial Highway) westbound merges with MD 10 (Arundel Expressway) briefly at the Anne Arundel County suburb of Pasadena. The two routes share approximately one half mile of pavement before going their separate ways to Southgate and Margate respectively. Photo taken 10/10/04.
Traffic interests to Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) should continue north along the Arundel Expressway to its end at Glen Burnie. MD 100 turns westward and meets MD 177 & 2 (Ritchie Highway) and Interstate 97 within the next four miles. The freeway continues west from there to Baltimore-Washington International Airport and Howard County. Photo taken 10/10/04.
Maryland Route 10 North
MD 10 proceeds north from the MD 177 (Mountain Road) half diamond interchange to MD 648 (Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard). MD 648 parallels MD 10 northward from Lipins Corner and Sun Valley to Marley and Glen Burnie. Photo taken 10/10/04.
One half mile south of the six-ramp parclo interchange with MD 648 (Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard) on MD 10 (Arundel Expressway) northbound. MD 648 meets the southern terminus of MD 270 (Furnace Branch Road) just east of MD 10 at Marley. Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard continues northwest from Marley to MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) and MD 3 Business (Crain Highway) in the Glen Burnie town center. Photo taken 10/10/04.
The northbound loop ramp to MD 648 (Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard) departs MD 10 northbound. MD 648 ventures northwest from Glen Burnie to Ferndale, Pumprhey, and Lansdowne before ending in the Cherry Hill section of south Baltimore. Photo taken 10/10/04.
Northbound mileage sign listing the final three interchanges of the Arundel Expressway. MD 270 (Furnace Branch Road) stems north from MD 648 alongside MD 10 northbound to Margate. The state route sees a parclo interchange with MD 10 east of Furnace Branch. Photo taken 10/10/04.
North Thompson Avenue passes over MD 10 just ahead of its off-ramp for MD 270 (Furnace Branch Road). MD 270 ends at MD 3 Business (Crain Highway) to the west. Photo taken 10/10/04.
MD 270 (Furnace Branch Road) traffic departs MD 10 northbound. Use MD 270 for the nearby communities of Point Pleasant and Glenmore in addition to Margate and Furnace Branch. Photo taken 10/10/04.
Continuing northward on the Arundel Expressway toward MD 710 (Ordnance Road). MD 710 links MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) with the Curtis Bay GSA Depot and the industrial areas of south Baltimore. Photo taken 10/10/04.
MD 10 northbound at the six-ramp parclo interchange with MD 710 (Ordnance Road). MD 710 west travels to MD 2 at the Glen Burnie Mall. Ordnance Road east continues underneath Interstate 695 to its end at MD 173 (Pennington Avenue). Photo taken 10/10/04.
Northbound MD 10 approaches its terminus at Interstate 695, the Baltimore Beltway. The right lane exits onto eastbound Interstate 695/outer loop, while the left lane exits onto westbound Interstate 695/inner loop. Photo taken 04/30/04.
The last reassurance shield for MD 10 stands north of MD 710. Photo taken 04/30/04.
MD 10 northbound ends as the freeway splits into Interstate 695 east/outer loop to Francis Scott Key Bridge and west/inner loop to Interstate 95, Interstate 70, and Interstate 83. Photo taken 04/30/04.
The westbound ramp to Interstate 695 merges with Exit 3A of the beltway inner loop ahead of the interchange with MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) northbound. MD 10 drivers can either continue onto Interstate 695 inner or depart onto the Ritchie Highway northbound to the Brooklyn section of Baltimore city. Photo taken 08/07/04.
MD 10 northbound traffic partitions into ramps for Interstate 695 west and MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) north. MD 2 meets Interstate 895 (Harbor Tunnel Thruway) at Brooklyn and continues north from there to Locust Point and Downtown Baltimore. Interstate 695 next meets the northern terminus of Interstate 97 (Exit 4). Photo taken 08/07/04.
Maryland Route 10 South
The first exit along southbound MD 10 is the exit for MD 710/Ordnance Road east/west. Eastbound MD 710 meets MD 173/Hawkins Point Road to Fort Smallwood Road south and MD 173/Pennington Avenue north. Photo taken 04/30/04.
A stub end exists at the MD 10 trumpet interchange with Interstate 695. It is unclear as to whether MD 10 was ever proposed to extend northward into Baltimore city or not. The stub exists next to the Interstate 695 westbound merge with the eastbound ramp at MD 10's southbound beginning. Photo taken 08/07/04.
MD 10 southbound at the Exit 6B ramp departure onto MD 710 (Ordnance Road) westbound. MD 710 ends just west of here at the Ordnance Road intersection with MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) adjacent to Glen Burnie Mall. Photo taken 08/07/04.
Southbound MD 10 at Exit 6A to MD 710 (Ordnance Road) east. MD 710 comprises a four-lane divided highway east to the Curtis Bay GSA Depot and MD 173 (Pennington Avenue). Photo taken 04/30/04.
Maryland Route 10 South Maryland Route 100 East
MD 10 (Arundel Expressway) and MD 100 (Paul T. Pitcher Memorial Highway) merge briefly near Pasadena in central Anne Arundel County. MD 100 enters from Southgate and Baltimore-Washington International Airport to the west. MD 10 south & 100 east share one half mile of pavement before splitting. Photo taken 10/10/04.
Traffic interests to the state capital of Annapolis are advised to remain on MD 10 south for its connection to MD 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway) south. MD 2 comprises a surface arterial through Pasadena, Severna Park, and Arnold en route to U.S. 50/301 and the capital city. Photo taken 10/10/04.
MD 100 eastbound branches away from MD 10 south to Lake Shore and Gibson Island. The MD 100 expressway extends another three miles to MD 177 (Mountain Road) near Jacobsville. Mountain Road continues east from there to Lake Shore, Mt. Carmel, and Gibson Island on the Chesapeake Bay. Photo taken 10/10/04.
MD 10/100 gore point sign at the Arundel Expressway split with the Paul T. Pitcher Memorial Highway. MD 100 interchanges with Catherine Avenue and Raynor Boulevard before intersecting MD 607 (Magothy Bridge Road) and Magothy Beach Road. MD 10 meanwhile intersects MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) near Pasadena Road. Photo taken 10/10/04.

  1. "Route 10's Last Leg Set To Open March 2 - 4-Lane Highway Links Pasadena, Beltway." The Sun (Baltimore), February 5, 1991.

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