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N.C. 69 links the north end of Georgia 17 and 515 with U.S. 64 at the Clay County seat of Hayesville. The 3.9-mile long state highway is part of Appalachian Regional Commission's Corridor A.

NC 69 north
The first shield of NC 69 north lies just north of the Georgia state line to the west of McClure Cove on Chatuge Lake. 07/09/10
Drivers on NC 69 north pass east of Cherry Mountain ahead of valley fed by the South Fork Blair Creek. Carroll Mountain rises on the horizon. 07/09/10
Chevelles restaurant and bar features NC 69 shields as part of their signage. 07/09/10
U.S. 64 Bypass and NC 69 come together at a commercialized junction south of Haynesville. The bypass constitutes a five-lane arteiral while the business route loops northward into the town street grid. 07/09/10
West from NC 69, U.S. 64 Bypass leads travelers 16 miles to the Cherokee County seat of Murphy and U.S. 19-74-129. East from Hayesville, the US highway skirts just north of Chatuge Lake on a 33-mile drive to Franklin (U.S. 23 and 441). 07/09/10
NC 69 south
Leaving the intersection with U.S. 64 Bypass, NC 69 approaches Cherry Mountain. A mileage sign lists Hiawassee, Georgia via Georgia 17 south and U.S. 76 east. Atlanta is a 95-mile trek via Georgia 515, I-575, and I-75. 07/09/10
NC 69 parallels Hyatt Mill Creek just east of Shewbird Mountain and west of Chatuge Lake in this scene. 07/09/10
NC 69 transitions into the southbound beginning of both Georgia 17 and 515 at the Towns County line. GA-17 and GA-515 head 1.1 miles south to U.S. 76, where they split for Young Harris to the west and Hiawassee to the east. ARC Corridor A follows Georgia 515 south and U.S. 76 west. 07/09/10

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